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Thread: One step in the right direction ;)

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    Default One step in the right direction ;)

    So ever since I've moved into my apt with my best friend I've known since preschool, I have been thinking about how I'm going to get away with wearing diapers-- if that be even at night alone. In the past, he's really honestly wondered why I lock my door at night, and asked me when he was drunk once. I figured I'd better think of something to say if he ever asks me again... well today was that day.

    Midnight 9/17/09
    Him: *gets out of bed to lock the main door of our apt*
    Me: Oh thanks for doing that every night, I don't think I've even done that yet.. I just rely on you to do it.
    Him: Yeah just thought it would be smart, don't want any of us to get robbed or anything.
    Me: Yeah that wouldn't be good.
    Him: ... wait, do you lock the door to your room every night?
    Me: Yeah
    Him: ... why?
    Me: Do you really want to know?
    Him: Yeah..
    Me: Well, it's a lot of information, are you sure?
    Him: ..Yeah..
    Me: Well, it's not just the shower that I like to have that freedom.
    Him: ... Oh, wait, you ... you sleep naked?
    Me: rofl, yeah I am just looking out for the both of us, ya know? Don't want you to walk in on me when I'm all sprawled out without a sheet on.
    Him: lol well that makes perfect sense, PLEASE lock your door at night.
    Me: Just out of respect for you, I'll do that.. unless you want to see it of course.
    Him: No... no no i'm just fine thanks, haha.. well Goodnight.
    Me: Yeah oh btw, sweet dreams.
    *smirks on both our faces*

    That was slightly awkward... just happened like 10 min ago.

    p.s. Sorry I haven't posted in a while, been really busy with two writing intensive core classes and a couple more-- almost not enough happy time to spend on diapers anyway (sadly).

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    Dude. Slick. Excellently excecuted.

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    Sneaky! I just hope he doesn't change his mind to demand a strip show in the future


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    I did the same thing when I lived in a sharehouse. You pretty much have to, and it's a very reasonable excuse, too.

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    That's a pretty good reason to lock your door!

    I use to live with roommates without locks on the doors and slept in only underpants and they learned not to come in when I'm sleeping after they tried to pull a prank on me!

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