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Thread: finding a diaper

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    Default finding a diaper

    I'm looking for a good brand to use when in public and I dont want people to know I'm diapered. I've tried depends adjustables but they are like a sponge, a little bit of pressure on the diaper and they leak. I would prefer something with cloth backing to reduce the noise. does anyone have a suggestion? I would prefer to buy them in-store rather than online.

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    Answer: Any diaper will do, as long as it isn't a super thick cloth diaper.

    Once again... The general public is not looking at your crotch to see if you have a little extra bulk in your pants. With some common sense (don't wearyour sister's hip hugger jeans, and don't dress like Lil Wayne), you can wear any diaper and NOBODY will notice.

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    No body will look to see if you have a diaper on, except maybe another diaper guy, and I find that a great thing to look forward to.

    Wear your diaper, and don't worry about people looking because they don't, but you will never know when you will find another diaper buddy near you.

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    The Walgreen's brand ones, if you can access them. (Trust me, I know this for a fact. Nobody will know until you tell them. ) If not, just get the CVS ones. They're the same thing.

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    yeah, no one looks or even takes the time to take a second look.
    but yeah, the CVS ones are quite, comfortable and very absorbant to be a store brand.

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    I agree completely with Mamanei. I personally use the Walgreen's brand even when I'm not in public. Actually, I never wear in public, so they're absorbent enough to be good at home diapers. They are cloth backed and completely silent. They'll hold 2 good wettings without leaking (1 if you plan on sitting). After the 2nd you very much so need a change. I'd say they're perfect. I've never used the CVS diapers, but I'd assume they're very much the same.

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    The odds of discovery are almost nil unless you soak through. I personally go with a higher quality diaper for public wearing, even if it means going with a bit more bulk or noise. Bulk can be covered up with loose clothing, noise will be covered up by ambiance unless you're in a library, but there is no way of hiding a catastrophic leak.

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    You guys keep mentioning a CVS kind. Can anyone tell me the brand name? There's a CVS very close to my house (like, walking distance) and I'm curious now.

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    CVS and Walgreens both sell store brand briefs (the ones with tapes... not pullups) that are made by Kendall (Tyco Healthcare). The plastic backed ones, which I think are now out of production, are cool in a babyish-looking way, but let it be known... Any iteration of the Walgreens and CVS store brand briefs are pretty crappy, even compared to Depends Fitted briefs.

    They have a very low capacity, the padding tends to clump in the crotch, and the tapes only stick once (and tear if you try to refasten them). If you're looking for a store bought diaper, it's the bottom of the barrel... But above "pullup" type crap.

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