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    Red face Hello - First Time Here!

    Hello to all of you,

    I’m Excelsius. I have been lurking on this site for few months, and finally, yes, I have created an account. I have decided to make the step because ADISC is, in my opinion, one on the best web *B/DL community for what I have read: a participative community, intelligent comments. I also believe that a *B/DL website not base on a photos gallery is a very good thing because it’s keep away weird people. I also think, even if I’m a discrete person, that I could bring something to this community. I don’t know what... time will tell.

    Personal info’s:

    I’m in the mid twenties, I live in Canada, I have just graduate from university.

    English is not my usual language, maybe you’ve notice by the way I’m writing. Thank you to be indulgent if I make errors.

    My hobbies:

    I enjoy listening music: rock, classical, jazz, metal, electronic music... name them all. I also read a lot of book and my favourites are adventure / epic / historic books.

    I’m not only doing intellectual hobbies... I run more than 3 times a week and go to the gym 2 times a week. I try to stay in shape because my work is to be sitting in front of a computer all day long.

    The “diaper” side:

    I’m not incontinent, and I never suffer of any kind of disability.
    I’ve begin to love diaper since 6-10 years old, I do not clearly remember when. I’m an AB and DL at the same time: diaper is a sexual fetish, but I also love regression role playing. Also, I’m an adept on BDSM but not as much as diaper.

    I have a tiny waist size so I wear small size diapers. For now, my favourite one is the Molicare Super Plus. I have tried the Abena X-Plus but they don’t fit me well, too small or too much tall. I’m also planning to try the bambinos in a near future.

    I live with my parents, so wearing diaper is a real challenge, but still can wear diapers few times a week during the evening and when I’m sleeping.

    I already have made my coming out to my girlfriends and she accept very well the fact that I love diapers.

    To conclude, I’m glad to meet you all and thank to stop reading this post.

    Have a nice day!
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    Good intro - welcome. Now go eat a big dish of poutine for me! (For those that don't know, it is a dish of french fries, smothered in brown gravy and topped with melted cheese. A heart attack waiting to happen, but ooohhh so delicious!)

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    Quote Originally Posted by closet dl View Post
    Now go eat a big dish of poutine for me!

    Hello closet dl,

    I'll eat a poutine for you(hummmm... delicious!)

    By the way, can someone explain to me why non-canadien are so interested by the "poutine"?

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    some think it is very funny as it sounds like "pountang" - a slang term for... female parts. Especially when talking about eating it.

    Very good intro: that's two good ones in one day! And your English is just fine, we have an increasing number of ESL (English as a second language) people, Dutch, German, more French, even Finnish & Danish

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    Quote Originally Posted by Excelsius View Post
    Hello closet dl,

    I'll eat a poutine for you(hummmm... delicious!)

    By the way, can someone explain to me why non-canadien are so interested by the "poutine"?
    I lived in Ohio before moving to Norway, and made frequent trips to Canada. And like most typical Americans, I like most things involving french fries and cheese.

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