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Thread: Milestones - First Real Diaper Rash!

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    Wink Milestones - First Real Diaper Rash!

    I'm proud to announce this little bit of TMI but my AB has his very first real case of diaper rash!

    Dunno how this happened because he has a very caring Daddy! But now going to have the fun of trying to make it go away!

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    Corn starch and water works well for diaper rash. My mom said she would use it on me as a baby. It's also really fun to play with! It gets very messy when you play with it, but if you let it sit and dry the goop turns to powder and it's very easy to clean up.

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    lol, awwwww, well I hope it clears up soon.

    TMI.... maybe...probably...but then again, Daddies/Mommies do that when it comes to their little ones. XD

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    Desitin can make it feel better... less itchy.

    But the best thing for a diaper rash is giving the skln some fresh air.

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    Definitely let his bottom air out, and put diaper rash cream on it. Luckily, my boy hasn't gotten a case of diaper rash yet, but I'll be prepared if he does!

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    air out is the best just walk aroun nude for a few hours if you can

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    awww..squeezes little one's cheek "does your bummy hurt"

    Little TMI, but seeing as your new (lol so am I with my post count) it's welcome.

    As for resolving that itchy case, as others have stated, air works wonders.

    Is your little one 24/7? If not, let him go a day or so without diapers, that'll clear it up quick

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