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Thread: Most Visited Store?

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    Default Most Visited Store?

    What is your most visited retail store? Mine would probably be Wal-Mart.

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    for me, it's an Australiian store called jbhifi. They sell tvs and dvds and cds and stuff. Other than that I don't do much shopping.

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    IDK. I don't rely go into stores that much unless i have to. i guess the Apple store.

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    Mine is Best Buys. This is every man's toy store. More flat screens, more speakers, more amps.....aahhhhhhh!

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    Stores that still exist would be Best Buy.

    However, I am pretty sure that the most visited store in my life so far was Hills. I went there almost everyday with my grandmother for at least 2 years when she worked there.

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    Aside from Food Lion grocery stores, probably Target. Though for the best selection of baby strollers to check out, I wish the local Babies-R-Us store was closer by. I'd be in there as often as possible playing with the latest strollers.


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    Shoppers Drug Mart. They are open 24/7 and seem to have everything I need at last minute. :P

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    Probably a convenience store, I go to one pretty much every day. Usually I'll go to Stewarts, it's a chain in upstate New York, they are all pretty clean and friendly.

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