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Thread: Taylor Swift/Kanye West incident at the MTV VMAs

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    Default Taylor Swift/Kanye West incident at the MTV VMAs

    If you saw the MTV Video Music Awards yesterday, the talk of the town occured yesterday night when the world looked down on Kanye West. For the first award, country star Taylor Swift won the Best Female Artist award and was accepting her award. However, during the middle of her accepting her first ever VMA, rapper and producer Kanye West stormed onto the podium, took the mic, and stated that "Beyonce had one of the best videos of all time (Single Ladies)." After being booed afterwards by the crowd, Kanye flicked off the crowd and proceeded back to the seat. Being backlashed by millions of fans and artists alike, Kanye's popularity has taken a huge hit on what is speculated as an act of immaturity, stupidity, and playing the race card on Beyonce's behalf. Overall I am very disappointed on Kanye's behalf but consider that they shouldn't make a big deal out of it since he has openly criticized like this many times before.

    What's your take on this?

    MTV VMA Kanye West being a jackass while Taylor Swift accepts award

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    The funniest thing about the whole situation was that Beyonce ended up winning the best video of the year award other than getting attention for himself, there was really no point to what he did. It looked even worse when Beyonce turned around and gave Taylor her moment, too.

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    I have no respect for him, no matter how good a singer or producer is. I've seen or heard of him doing such immature things in the past and I don't understand he's getting such respect for doing such things.

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    What Beyonce did for Taylor was really sweet, and I gotta give her a lot of brownie points for doing so! Kanye had no right to do that, no matter how out of pop culture I am.

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    Kanye West? The guy that said he's "practicaly Jesus"? That Kanye West?

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    Kanye likes fish sticks. I really don't like that narcissistic self absorbed egomaniacal son of a bitch person.

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    Bad publicity is still publicity. I can damned well guarantee you that the man just sold a few thousand records because of that incident.

    Might not have been a kind move, but it'll be a lucrative one nonetheless.

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    I'm wearing a diaper and I have Nuk in my mouth and I'm still more mature then this ass.

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