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    Before I start writing, I hope that this site has enough members that can discuss this topic with the utmost maturity and respect.

    A couple months ago, there was a topic that discussed on what was your favorite profanities were. After experiencing issues with my strong use of profanities, I just wanted to ask the ADISC population, what is your opinion about the use of profanities in daily life? For me, I don't care if you use profanities (since it is my fourth language) but I do care about using it with respect.

    I hope that this topic can bring input from many aspects of the spectrum but the last thing I want this topic to be is a safehaven for haters and attack messages. Remember that although profanity is mostly overlooked in the site they will find you when you make a personal attack or offensive remarks. Feel free to express your opinion but remember to watch what you're saying at all times.

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    I usually just use crap at the most, around most people, usually around my friends, it's a bit more pg-13, I use them all around my friends. They don't care, so I don't care. In casual conversation, I think it's fine, as long as you're doing it semi-privately, and quietly. In public though, be careful, as there could be little kids around, or old people :P.

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    I think as long as you are being respectful about it, I do not see the problem. I'll be honest here; around friends/ most family, I am a huge potty mouth. But when I'm surrounded by people I do not know/ teachers/ etc. , then I do not say them.

    Main point: Being respectful about it = No problems (in my opinion)

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    I'll use profanity around all my friends and people I generally feel really close to, but I'll keep it out of professional situations or situations with elders or young children.

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    I think that this is a very interesting thread. I definitely have a potty mouth. I just try to avoid using foul language in public spaces and other areas where the audience shouldn't be exposed to it.

    Other than that there is only one other area where I find using coarse language to be unacceptable. That would be while expressing anger towards someone. Now if you're angry that is one thing, but I find it's very disrespectful to swear at someone. Unless you're driving. lol

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    I curse quite often, and not just mildly. Though rarely do I curse as an insult. I feel it can be ok if it is not used offencively. Proper context would be:
    "Shit happens"
    "For fucks sake"
    "son of a bitch"

    Those are ones I use often and and are not used offensively, so long as your not insulting the person i see no problem with it.

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    I think it makes a person sound unintelligent.

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    I never curse in public, but at home I'm free to be myself. Since I grew up on the streets, and started off pretty poor, I swore like a sailor by the time I was in third grade. Like I said in the other site, me and my friends were really like the kids on SouthPark. We were horrible. Growing up on Barnegat Bay in New Jersey, so many of our fathers would go out fishing, using small row boats and ancient outboard motors. Basically they were the Vulgar Boatman when it came to trying to start those motors. Then when we used their language they would say, "Where the hell did you hear that word?!!!"

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    They're just words, outside of professional situations I swear freely as the conversation flows. I won't swear intentionally to offend, but I feel little reason to censor myself.
    As for kids and elders, if I'm not telling the granny to fuck off then she has no business being "offended" by anything that may slip out. Though I'm sure to tell her after her dramatic claim of disrespect.
    As for children, again I don't intentionally and I'll make effort around people I know. But if some stranger parent is offended by an overheard swear when I'm out with some friends I tend to tell them "If your a good parent, your kids will know not to mimic me."

    I tend to take joy in torturing those who are overly PC.

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    I still hold that how we comport ourselves in the public sphere reflects on our upbringing and conscientiousness.

    In short: I do not typically swear out in public. In back-offices, alone developing code, or reading manuscript reviews, I'll let fly.

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