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Thread: Diapers = sleep Better ?

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    Default Diapers = sleep Better ?

    Don't know if its just me or others here aswell
    i am wondering if anyone gets this too when wearing

    I Usualy Am A Big Sleeper and awaken really late ,

    on the other Hand While i am Wearing when sleeping i will wake up way earlier and find it easier to waken

    let's Say 5 Hours Less Sleep then if i wasent diapered

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    I seem to have similar experiences too, when I sleep while diapered I tend to wake up periodically (not wide awake, but kind of in between awake and asleep) with a euphoric feeling and I tend to want to touch my diaper. By the time my alarm goes off in the morning I am wide awake when normally it takes me over an hour of hitting the snooze button before I'm really awake.

    The down side is that I'm tired through out the day because my body doesn't seem to have gotten enough REM sleep.

    I don't have this experience everytime I sleep while diapered but it does seem to happen more when my sexual attracrion to diapers is at it's greatest. When I go to bed diapered and the sexual attraction to them is not present I tend to sleep more soundly and wake in the morning in my usual manner.

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    Not me. It used to be that I could barely sleep while wearing them at all. With time and practice it has gotten better to where I'd say I'm having nearly as easy a sleep with them as without but I think there's always going to be that little bit more comfort and ease without them. I suppose if I made an effort to do it every night for a long stretch I'd settle it, but frankly I can't be bothered.

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    I too sleep better with diapers on!

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    I really think it's the same for me either way. I am just as likely to sleep well when wearing as when not wearing. Some nights I would put one on for comfort and feel happier as I fell asleep, but when actually asleep, it would be the same as usual.

    Bigger factors would be stress levels, how early I got up that morning, how much tiring exercise and socialising I had done that day and whether I left a curtain open to let morning daylight in.

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    My sleep depends on the previous day and nights sleep. A great day where nothing goes wrong and I get my exersize, I can sleep within 10 min of hiting the bed regardless of undergarments. If the day was poor, it could take a few hours to drift. I almost always wake up well, unless it was a horrible night where I spent more time trying to sleep than actuall sleep. I get up without the snooze button, and right after my shower I'm as awake as I will be all day. It's a pretty handy trait.

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    same here, i can sleep better when i wear diapers and i fell alot better when i wear them

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    When I sleep while wearing, I tend to wake up frequently in the night...more-so if it's wet.

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    I sleep a lot better when I wear.
    I also hug my teddy and use my pacifier

    I've always thought that since doing those calm and relax me that it helped me get to sleep and then sleep better...just a thought though. ^_^

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    Originally I had a very difficult time trying to fall asleep while diapered, but after a few years of wearing I actually tend to sleep more deeply while diapered and I need less sleep to wake up feeling refreshed. In fact I now find it somewhat difficult to to fall sleep without one on.

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