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Thread: The f%*#!ng Top Gear website is screwing with me!

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    Default The f%*#!ng Top Gear website is screwing with me!

    I know there are a few TG fans here, so I'm hoping for some help. It seems that there is a concerted effort on the part of BBC America to force us to watch old TG series', now serving season 7, as NEW EPISODES (yeah with the Suzuki Liana). I traipse over the interwebs to catch some real honest to god new Season 13 stuff, and the #^&%$ website sneers at me" nana nana boo boo, you caaaannt waaaaatch thiiiiis! from the country you are in." AAAAAUUUUUUGGGGGHHHH!

    2 Questions:

    1. If the rest of the free fucking world can see it (except for maybe someone in Sierra Leone) WHY CAN'T WE???!?

    2. Whose baby do I need to steal, or less violently, what program do I need to spoof the server into thinking I'm somewhere else so I can actually see some content that was filmed in this goddamned decade!

    Come on people, Fight the Power! :peace:

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    I have had the same problem when I tried to access videos from the BBC website. With an IP address outside of the UK, they will not release their content to you.

    The only way around it is a proxy server located in the UK. Google for web proxies and look for UK ones. Ideally, you should get a page with a field where you can enter the desired URL and then just click and start browsing.


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    It's like that for US T.V. I can't watch any of them. Even some youtube videos I cannot watch now cos some disagreement over some pathetic peice of paper.

    If they allowed worldwide viewing for all countrys, thier will be alot more ratings for some shows.

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    If you use a proxy that's hosted with a UK [Either web-based, but some of those can leak your true IP, and if I can manage to catch that leak, I'm positive a big-time company like that can] or another "software-requred" proxy. Or, if you're feeling really adventurous in the area of guess-and-hope, and want to play wait for hours, use TOR! Or, if you know someone in the UK, ask them to host you a proxy, or to grab the clip for you, and the transfer it to you. Or, as you said, use a program to spoof your IP to the browser you're using [can't remember exactly how to do that off the top of my head; sorry.] Either way, remember, spoofing usually equals bad, so be careful.

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    It's the same thing that happens if you want to watch a U.S. TV show outside of the states. I remember having friends in Australia griping about how The Simpsons was 5 years behind on TV on down there. My solution has been to torrent Top Gear. I mean, why would I want to watch a 6 year old episode of a car show that talks about the latest new cars?

    *feels Lil Snap's pain*

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    *goes all googly eyed at andysetras avatar* so cute! wha------

    Thanks for the help and knowledge, everyone. Now I get to learn more about web proxies. It really stinks that the BBC (and others) are so insistent on maintaining these regional boundaries solely for the purpose of maximizing revenue. Access to content that isn't available in your home country shouldn't be denied, no?

    I have torrented TG before, and I guess watching it on the computer is better than not at all (especially since directv doesn't send BBC america in HD), but some of the content on the website isn't in an episode (behind the scenes, outtakes, etc...) and it would be nice to view unhindered. Oh well, one can dream. *sigh*

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