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Thread: Anybody used these?

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    Default Anybody used these?

    Hi, I understand that you are probably expecting me to ask for your opinion on a certain nappy/diaper. Well...

    I'm currently looking at two different sites to purchase some X-Plus' from. These are:

    Dorset Nursing


    Has anybody used any of these sites before, and if so, could you give me some information please?

    • The time it took for the item to arriv
    • Courier used
    • Discreetness of packaging

    Alternatively, would anybody be willing to sell a pack of medium xplus (UK) via ebay? I have 100% high feedback of around 150 and I am very reliable

    Thanks a lot

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    Just what kind of X plus do you want, I happen to have a case of abena x plus with plastic covers in medium, I would sell you a pack and mail them to you if you pay what the diapers cost me and the shipping.

    Or if you want something else I can get I would gladly get it for you as long as it dosn't cost me any money out of my pocket, I'm glad to help anyone out i the UK.

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