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    Default Hello again naturally

    Well I'm back, by popular demand its me Doodle. some of you know me by the nick of doodlewolfdude on aidsc's irc channel. i have been around this particular community since late 2004. I mainly came back because I feel as though I can help people again. I am always more than willing to answer or help to answer any questions y'all may have. *hugs* to everyone

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    *Trevor throws the ball to Naturally*

    Wait, it's Doodle on first...or is it Who?

    Glad to have you back

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    That's my Hi doodle. I made it.. while I was not hi.

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    Welcome back to the forum and for offering your help and advice to people in need

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    Hey, welcome back man! It's good to see you around again.

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    Welcome back to the mainstream community, Doodle. We all need a little help now and then, it's generous of you to offer yourself to us.

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    Quote Originally Posted by skinnypuppy View Post
    Welcome back to the mainstream community, Doodle.
    Yes wb to the "mainstream" community, from whatever non-mainstream places you were at.

    The Doodle Who Came In From The Cold, *giggle*

    Now I dun has to copypasta giant threads to other places ill-equipped to handle them; and we can return to "good flooding" as opposed to "bad flooding."

    And here is a suitable image to welcome you back:

    /me chortles in mirth at the teasing of the Doodlewolf. *hee hee*

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    ^ & noodles

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