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Thread: Are You Prone to Certain Diseases?

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    Default Are You Prone to Certain Diseases?

    Unfortunately my family was recently informed by interstate relatives that my Aunt has cancer. I guess I'm not overly sad about it as she's not someone I see often -maybe every few years at Christmas- but still, it's someone you love irrespective of whether or not you keep in touch with them.

    Yeah I know, it's a fairly depressing note to start on, but it's what prompted this thread. It seems my family genetics are prone to developing cancer of sorts in our later years in life. My aunt isn't the first and undoubtedly she won't be the last. The three of my grandparent's who've passed on died due to cancer (although arguably my grandfather got it because he was part of the clean-up crew in Nagasaki after the bomb was dropped - no radiation protection), and various other members in my extended family have succumbed to the illness.

    I wouldn't say these recent events are a wake-up call as it is much as it is confirmation; I sort of figured it out a long time ago that my family was prone to developing cancer. Aside from my aunt being sick, my biggest concern is limiting the chances of myself developing it later in life. I don't have the best track record of healthy eating, nor exercise, nor living a palatable lifestyle... which I suspect has lowered my defences against becoming ill with disease, but I have been trying to make changes over the past year or so. One thing that that does work in my favour is that is only seems to happen to those who are 50+, which gives me a good 30 years to get on top of things. But in being a realist, you have to consider that it may not always be the case and coincidence might be prevailing.

    I figure at the end of the day however, it's all genetics. Just like how people of Pacific Islander descent are highly susceptible to diabetes, my family is the same way with cancer, or another family might have a history of heart and kidney disease. We all inherit genetic disorders or weaknesses to some extent or another.

    So in not making this thread so soppy, I ask if anyone else here knows (or figures) if they are prone to certain diseases? Does your family have a history of something that you should probably be working to prevent whilst you're still young? Or even, have you already been diagnosed with a disease?

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    Yep, pretty much everything. Cancer, including brain, liver, lung, breast, prostate, testicular, throat, pancreas, colon and skin, Alzheimer's, Parkinson's, stroke, heart attack, diabetes, lupus, multiple sclerosis, and male pattern baldness.

    I figure if I don't die in a horrible accident, I'm gonna die of something listed above. I get myself checked out regularly, try to watch what I eat, and exercise regularly, but beyond that, there's not much I can do. I just hope that I don't go out the way my grandfather did - a slow, gradual decline where he lost complete control of his mind and body, eventually succumbing to pneumonia long after his brain was mush.

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    I think Diabetes is in my family...but then again we all have the genetic predisposition to being overweight (not to mention that we're a pretty southern family....meaning LARGE family dinners on holidays, birthdays, and any other time the family feels like getting together)

    so that's something I have to watch out for...though with having a disposition towards weight gain also comes heart trouble, high blood pressure, and various other weight related issued...but meh...all I can do for that is try and live healthier, and be happy about the time I've got, so that when (and if) something does pop up, I can be happy with what I've done. ^_^

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    Personally, I seem to be really unlucky with colds, having them A LOT of the tine.

    In the serious diseases/family history area, my gran aunt, grandad and great-grandad on my mums side have all had Parkinsons (my grandad and great-grandad are dead now).

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    Yeah, I'm just like KodyNewLight, except without the southern part. Heart related issues took out 4 out of 7 of my grandpa's siblings, plus him. I'm overweight, although I have been dieting lately, (lost 18 pounds so far!). Plus breast cancer on my mom's side, but I'm not a woman, so I have a much lower chance of having it. Allergies aren't a disease, but I've got allergies to cats, from my mom. I hope your aunt pulls through.

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    I was adopted so I have no idea. My wife is diabetic so my children will need to stay aware that their children could develop diabetes as they grow older. The truth is, however, that we all are going to die of something. Maintaining good health habits will extend most people's lives, and give them a better quality of life. Losing weight and coming down to an appropriate weight per height is always a good idea. I've been riding my bike all summer long and have lost several extra pounds.

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    On my father's side, it's heart-related diseases that eventually struck people down. On my mom's side, on the other hand, there is no track record of any diseases that would cause an early death. My mom's father has just celebrated his 85th birthday, and aside from the usual wear and tear (poor hearing, loss of eyesight, slowed down brain power), he's rather healthy, and I hope I've inherited enough of his genes to offset the heart problems from my dad's side.


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    IDK I'm going to die before I'm 55.

    My mom's had two heart attacks.

    And my dad died this year from hep-C/staf/all that good stuff that comes when you are dieing.

    My sister has fibermialga

    My brother is basicly bipolar

    My sisters are obese

    My other sister had her galblader removed.

    My grandmother had cancer

    I have anxiaty issues and Have really bad allergies

    My dad was an alcoholic like his dad before him and his before that

    I'm one too.

    I smoke and my mother smokes so we both have a good chance of The big C (she started young and so did I.)

    My whole family has vertigo to some degree.

    Me and my dad nearly killed ourselves doing some stupid stuff alread.

    I have H-pylori and so does my sister (She gave it to me.)

    Um...lets see what else.

    I've come close to having a heart attack because of some medication I was taking,

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    My dad has Diabetes, his dad has diabetes and both his parents had diabetes. I can't be sure, but I'm going to take a wild guess and say at least 1 of their parents had diabetes.

    It's in my family. I'm 1 of 3 brothers, hopefully none of us get it, but It's likely that 1 of us will.

    Only thing is, they all found out about their diabetes when they were 45+ so at least I have another 30 years of sweets + chocolate before I fall victim to it. I do have to say that I am A LOT fitter than my dad + grandfather, so that might help fight off the diabetes for a while

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    My family line has a long history of muscular dystrophy. It develops around age 60 or so. My grandma has it, she's a strong woman so she uses a cane, but she can't lift her feet any more than a few inches off the ground. Just getting into her car is a good ten minute work out.
    My mom just got tested, though, and thank god she doesn't have it. That gene ends with my grandma.

    So no, I'm not prone.

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