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Thread: Lights, Camera, Action!

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    Default Lights, Camera, Action!

    Self-explanatory topic, what are your top 10 favourite movies?

    (In no order other than numerical)

    1. Kill Bill I & II
    2. Enternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind
    3. Pulp Fiction
    4. Evil Dead (1 & 2)
    5. Alien(s)
    6. The Sixth Sense
    7. Beetlejuice
    8. The Thing (John Carpenter)
    9. Poltergeist
    10. An American Werewolf in London

    My prefered movie genre is horror, especially movies that I sneakily watched as a kid which I always regretted; they terrified me, course afterwards showing off to my friends at school that I watched an 18+ rated movie, scary? Nah...!


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    Not in order:

    2.)Saw series
    3.)Kill Bill series
    4.)Pan's Labrynth(sp?)
    5.)the Orphage
    6.)Rose Red
    7.)Friday the Thirteenth series
    8.)Freddy Krueger series
    9.)Secret Window
    10.)the Shining

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    Sweeney Todd
    Inyuasha (1-3)
    Spirited Away
    Princess Mananoki
    See No Evil
    Lelo and Stich
    Termenator (1-3)
    Spy Kids (1-3)

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    Chromos, you look like a man with whom I could sit down and watch badass movies for hours!

    My favorites, in the most accurate order:

    - Rudy
    - Shawshank Redemption'
    - Pulp Fiction
    - Crash
    - Collateral
    - Tron
    - Aladdin
    - Nightwatch / Daywatch
    - Shaolin Soccer
    - Ghostbusters

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    Favorite movies in no particular order.

    -Pan's Labyrinth
    -The Matrix triology.
    -V for Vendetta
    -Good Will Hunting
    -Finding Nemo
    -Lord of the Rings.
    -Dead Poet's Society
    -Forest Gump.

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    Oh, I gotta add Matrix series, Shawshank Redemption, Forrest Gump, and Lord of the Rings- I knew I was forgetting some good ones..

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    Okay... I'm in...

    1- Master & Commander
    2- Conan the Barbarian
    3- Star Wars Series
    4- Indiana Jones Series
    5- 13th Warrior
    6- Pirates of the Caribbean Series
    7- Lord of the Rings Series
    8- Mel Brooks movies (Spaceballs, Men In Tights, Blazing Saddles, etc.)
    9- The Matrix Series
    10- Gladiator

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    In no order:

    -Pirates of the Carribean; Curse of the Black Pearl
    -Nightmare before Christmas
    -Finding Nemo
    -Summer Storm
    -Alice in Wonderland
    -Bourne Identity
    -The Mask
    -Leuge of Extrodinary Gentlemen
    -V for Vendetta

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    The Big Lebowski
    Shawshank Redemption
    V for Vendetta
    Fight Club
    Pulp Fiction
    Reservoir Dogs
    Being John Malkovich
    Conqueror of Shamballa (dunno if this counts as it's just an extension of the series...)
    Office Space
    L4yer Cake
    Lock Stock and Two Smoking Barrels
    Half Baked
    Super Troopers

    ...what number am I at? Crap...well there's really no order to that list so I don't want to remove any :P

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rance View Post
    Shaolin Soccer
    I've always wanted to see that, I remeber seeing a preview for it in theaters then I just lost track of it.

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