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Thread: Gah! What the problem is?

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    Default Gah! What the problem is?

    I recently bought some goodnites about 2 days ago and I am having an issue. The leak just about every wetting! They leak out of the inner thigh area and I am not sure why. Anyone got any ideas of what I could be doing wrong or something to do in order to prevent future misfortunes?

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    Goodnites are thin. If you want something that doesn't leak, then you're going to have to get some actual diapers at least.

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    Yeah, what Pojo said. Also, a problem might be how you are wetting them. If you flood them, like going all at once in them, well.... you'll leak. You need to go slow, a little at a time. Try that, and it should take a full one, but not much more.

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    I find if I point down that helps, and if you don't flood that also helps.

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    Goodnites, which are my personal favorites are very thin. Goodnites remember are bed wetting diapers for young children and teenagers in which it can be used for light and medium bedwettings. For the typical (male) DL, we usually carry a large bladder and in effect a Goodnite can only hold one decent wetting. I have personally never truly flooded a Goodnite to overflow but both experience and the fact that I am usually erect when I use a diaper maintains that I only can release about 65-80% (a guess) of a full bladder or I will flood. Should I use 2 goodnites to get better capacity, sure. If you do I would either try and control how much I wet or double up or use a smaller diaper (like a Huggies Pullup or a Pampers Cruiser or an Underjam) to help hold more. Adult diapers can help too but I suggest the preceding tips since I am a personal fan of Goodnites as well.

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    But guys, goodnites are made for wetting. And its not like its getting over filled, its just leaking out of the sides.

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    Its fine, I weight like 115-120 and they are made for 125.

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    They are not diapers they do not have the absorbency of diapers. They are made for little kids and young teens that have bed-wetting problem. When you have bed wetting problems you normally have a smaller bladder then the normal kid/adult. Goodnights are made to take a light single to two light wetting because that is what the normal bed-wetter wets. This is why they make youth diapers For kids that are not in the norm that bedwet more heavy.

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    Valerye is right about your bladder being to big for Goodnights. Goodnights were never designed for a 16 year old of any size. Just because you are small in size doesn't mean your bladder is small as well. Its probably time to start looking for some real adult diapers; however, since your body type I'm guessing is super skinny and small you might want to look into youth sizes. In any case if you really want to wet yourself and not leak everywhere you are going to need something better then Goodnights.

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