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Thread: Hey I'm new here.

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    Arrow Hey I'm new here.

    Hi here is some info about my self what my interest are & so forth. I am not sure if I should say my real name here because of internet security reasons hopefully some one can answer that for me. I am a girl I am 26 years old & I am a diaper lover just to get that out, I have a big interest in other girls. Now I also really do not like to use the word l***ian though I am one I find it very stereotypical. My hobby's are painting, gardening ,jogging/walking & drawing. This is just a brief description of my self but I hope to share more with others I meat in this so far great looking AB/Dl community.

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    Good intro, and hoping to hear more of the same. Cool avi and username. And good that your gender-preference does not define you; you reject the baggage and expectations and pressure to conform to type that comes with it.

    You get to decide how to live your life, not others who would pigeon-hole you.

    And no, do not reveal any info about yourself that you feel uncomfortable with, or that might put you at risk.

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    Cute avitar. Welcome to adisc.

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    Hi, Steel Legion. Welcome to ADISC, I hope you enjoy yourself here. Have fun.

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    Welcome to ADISC! Your avatar is nice. Hope you enjoy this site and can further contribute to this vast community. What borough of NYC are you from?

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    Nice to see some new people who give a decent description of themselves. Welcome to ADISC. We are all from different backgrounds, but have a common thread.

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    Good for you for not getting hooked on names, descriptors and stereotypes. The truth is that life is complicated and each one of us is unique, even though we may do similar things. Names don't really matter. It's how we life our lives that's important, and how we treat one another. So welcome to the site.

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