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Thread: Pokemon heart gold and soul silver

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    Default Pokemon heart gold and soul silver

    Anyone getting pokemon heart gold and soul silver? I'm importing, since I really didn't want to wait the extra 6 months for it to come to the US.

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    I'm just waiting for it, but yeah, eventually. I've got them reserved at gamestop right now.

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    I'll get Soul Sliver. Gold and Sliver were the best pokemon games so far I think.

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    They're remakes, but they'll connect to diamond and pearl, and they'll also be similar graphics to diamond and pearl, along with the new special/physical boundary they added in diamond and pearl. Which is nice. I don't like "lightning punch" being a special attack, but having hyperbeam be physical.

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    i might snatch a romdump of it, (when the're an official localized version available) to play and fiddle with it on my AceKard2i :_)

    i still have the original Pokemon Silver Cartridge with a lugia on front ^.^, which is nearly 9-10 years old, at the moment of writing

    and i might consider to snatch a retailcopy from the storeshelves of my favourite gamestore, when it hits the shelves here in the EU/Netherlands (for as long as they dont try to relocalize it to dutch, as that would totally beat the living spirirt out of the game, and ruin my precious memoires, to the day when a GBC was all i had to keep myself busy

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    I really would love to play a remake of Gold/Silver...but I really really have no need for a DS, and I never want to waste money on handhelds ever again

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    I might buy it at some point, but I'm not rushing out to buy it. In the "games that are not out yet" category, Modern Warfare 2 and FF XIII are what I'm saving up for.

    Personally, my favorite Pokemon game was Emerald. Now a lot of people dislike the "third" games, Yellow, Crystal, Emerald and Platinum, and a lot of people criticise them for not adding too many features, small improvements are still better. So while it might not be better enough to buy if you already have 1 of the first two, it's still the one to go for if you don't have any.

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