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    Well, since I can't really afford the treatment by a professional,, do you think 'i could volunteer myself for psychological study at the local university? I mean, it'd be free right? And would be somewhat by professionals, and I would be helping them to enrich their learning experience. Has anyone else done this? Does it sound like a good idea?

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    Butterfly Mage


    You might want to researching a non-profit agency in your area. I got some help from "Family & Children's Services" for therapy. They charged a sliding-scale, which means if you are flat-broke you could pay as little as $10/session.

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    That might work too, but do you think volunteering would be a good/safe idea? DO I have to be 18 to do it? Pardon my bad grammar in my FP I was half asleep :P

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    i thought this would be a good place to ask. I'm 16, do you think there is a way I could enroll myself in a support group annonomously? I can't let my parents know im deppressed again. They have to much on there plate (theyve had bad experiences with me in the past)

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    Quote Originally Posted by diaperedteenager View Post
    That might work too, but do you think volunteering would be a good/safe idea?P
    Considering you cannot go to an actual therapist, I believe that going to a volunteer would be your best bet. Its not like they are going to give you a prescription for drugs (only if your therapist happens to be a volunteering psychiatrist, who are the only ones who can give you drugs for depression); all they will do is listen to you, offer suggestions to what you should do, and do their research (if you happen to do it a university).

    In regards to depression: I'm going to go a bit off topic and just say some other ways you can beat out depression without therapy (just in case something doesn't go right and you can't end up doing the therapy). Besides therapy, a great depression killer is to exercise. I'm not saying football, soccer, etc., but you can do some stuff like walking, jogging, biking, and/or swimming. Another thing is to make sure you get plenty of sun (for Vitamin D) and balancing your diet by eating the right foods. These, along with therapy, could be the best for you.

    On a word about anti-depressants (another important topic to talk about considering you are depressed): many people believe that anti-depressants CAUSE depression, and there has been a bit of research on that very issue.

    JAMA - Antidepressants and the Risk of Suicidal Behaviors

    American Journal of Psychiatry Study

    Help Guide - Antidepressants (not an actual research study, but still quite a useful tool)

    Main point: research it before you get a prescription for them. My apologies if I rambled a bit; just want to see you get better man

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    First off, good for you for looking to take some action about your depression. Usually when I get depressed, I get super depressed, I mean I totally crash and burn. I once waited 8 or 9 months before trying to fix my depression. That was a very unpleasant 8 months. I have found one thing that helps, with me anyways, is to keep busy, it helps you feel like you're accomplishing more, which was kind of the cause of my depression, not feeling very good about my accomplishments.

    If you're not sure about getting into the study based on your age, just give them a call and ask, they should have a number somewhere, or an E-mail. Depending on what kind of study it is, I think that the goal for their study may be for them to gather data, and not so much to help you, so there won't be as much attention paid to your problems.

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    I do not plan on accepting ANY drugs that could be suggested for me. This plan is more a less a way to get treatment without having to pay for it. I just want to piggy back off of our education system. DO you think that they could help me, not just use me as a statistic? Like I am fine with being a number, but I would like them to listen to me and attempt to shed light on somethings.

    I plan on going up to U of M to get studied, since I live only a few hours from there.

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    The only time I have for exercise is at work, where i do physical labor, other than that...i am booked solid.

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