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Thread: Guitar Hero 5

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    Default Guitar Hero 5

    Who has it, and who's getting it?

    It's good so far, I like the platinum challenges.

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    Guitar hero 5 is funny I think, the tag lines should be...

    "Guitar Hero 5 with 85 songs but only 20 or so of which you actually want to play!" "Now Featuring the likeness of Kurt Cobain who hated having his music liked!"

    (Also ironically he really did have a gun.)

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    As long as it has notes moving down, I'll play it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Takashi View Post
    I'd rather get Guitar Hero Metalica, more music I like.
    So Activision is doing a overrated guitar hero series now? Van Hallen, now metalica?

    (yes both bands "were" good... keyword is "were")

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    Quote Originally Posted by Fire2box View Post
    So Activision is doing a overrated guitar hero series now? Van Hallen, now metalica?

    (yes both bands "were" good... keyword is "were")
    Metalica != Metallica... sheesh

    Anyway, Metallica came before Van Halen (oh btw; Van Hallen != Van Halen). Any purchase of GH5 gets you a free copy of GH:Van Halen as well.

    Personally, GH is meh. My brother has it and I plan on playing it until he has to give it back to his friend on Tuesday. Why not eh? And to be honest, as a big Metallica fan myself, I didn't like Guitar Hero: Metallica. They should've named it "Guitar Hero... with a little Metallica"

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    Personally I like the way tey implemented instant play from the title screen and the freeform mode is cool, but IMO they need to improve the instruments. I've only been playing since GH3 and I've already gone through 2 drum kits and about 6 guitars
    not impressed

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    I've refused to buy a nevervision GH since 3 sucked so much balls. Rock Band is the way to go.

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    I gave GH5 a chance due to all the reviews giving it such good scores.

    The setlist is the most abysmal in the series yet (and Aerosmith is barely worth it at $10, so that's saying something). Don't get me wrong, a ton of them are great songs, just not suited for a rhythm game or there are better choices in the bands library.

    All the high scores seem to stem from the new features, which yes the menu system makes it easier to maneuver through the game, jumping in and out of songs is very easy, and the new online modes are nice (if you don't mind waiting a minimum of 20 minutes to get people in there), but the actual playing of the game is horrendous. The charting is back to how it was in GH3, unnecessarily hard on guitar (AGAIN WITH THE STUPID GUITAR CHARTS INCLUDING THE KEYBOARD PARTS). The vocal system is down to the level of quality of the horrid WT system even after they fixed it in Metallica and Smash Hits and the font used for the vocals is a pain to read even on a big screen TV.

    All in all, very pathetic for "Neversoft's best Guitar Hero yet"

    I returned it and picked up The Beatles Rock Band when it came out.

    I am looking forward to my free copy of Van Halen, that I was initially only willing to pay $25 for to get my monies worth of Van Halen songs

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    I am just getting GH5 because it has Iron Maiden and some other good bands but just because I get Guitar Hero Van Halen free

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