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Thread: Got a diaper bag

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    Smile Got a diaper bag

    Hey, just wanted to say that I just went out to Walmart and got my hands on my first diaper bag . I'm liking it already. I've been wearing diapers every night now, and for the sake of discreetness I've been changing in the basement bathroom. So, I've been storing a lot of my stash in a backpack down there.

    Not anymore! This diaper bag is great. It's mostly solid black, and looks like any other duffel bag, pretty much. I'm sure some of you have seen them, or maybe own one. It also has the Jeep logo on the front, which is also beneficial in concealing its purpose.

    Take a look: Jeep - Clamshell Diaper Bag: Gear

    For just $18 it was more than worth it, in my mind, since it is an actual diaper bag that looks like it should last me a long time. It's also really big inside, without all the little pouches here and there. Some people were giving it a bad review for that very purpose, but hey, I've got much much larger diapers to stick in here than they do .

    Anyone else have a diaper bag they like? Haven't seen this topic on here yet, and couldn't find it easily in the archives.

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    I've been considering getting a diaper bag just for the "mommy" factor in it. Actually, I've been looking at one. Of course, I'd be taking it out in public, so it would have to look pretty much like a normal bag.

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    Looks pretty cool, doesn't even look like a diaper bag.

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    Yes guys, this is exactly why I chose the bag I did. It looks very much like any other bag that a guy might be carrying. Of course, if you looked inside, it would be full of little more than diapers, wipes, cleaning supplies, pacifiers, and a few other odds and ends that are all 'big baby' related, lol.

    BTW Nei, this would be a good one to take out in public I would suspect. If I ever start wearing full time, this will be going in my car with me whenever I go out. If I start wearing to work or school, then this might find its way into the building with me. No one would be the wiser, unless of course they had the same one at home for their kids . If I had a mommy, I would let her carry it, but for now, I'll be fine to carry my own, lol.

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    Sweet looking bag. I dont have one and want one. This looks like something that would work great

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    That's a very stealthy diaper bag you got there. At first glance I actually thought it was one of those soft sided coolers that the off-road auto manufacturers, like Jeep, sell. I personally would want something with a slightly more childish motif to it, but not to much so it would be embarrassing to carry around. Anyway that's a great deal for $18!

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    I just use a toiletry bag. It's nice in that it hangs on the door stall in a bathroom. Not a huge item, but has enough room for 3 diapers and travel size containers of, powder, lotion and wipes.

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    Quote Originally Posted by babymace
    I personally would want something with a slightly more childish motif to it, but not to much so it would be embarrassing to carry around.
    Yeah, I wanted one like that, too. I don't know. It's kind of like I wanted a stealthy one, like the Jeep one that I got, for going around outdoors. But, I also wanted one that was a little more babyish, probably for home/family travel use. However, most of the babyish ones were a lot more expensive. Heck, when I went to Babies 'R' Us, most of the diaper bags there were selling for $45! No way.

    Quote Originally Posted by cpndl
    I just use a toiletry bag.
    Yeah, they also had a really small diaper tote bag there selling for $9. I almost considered buying it, but then I realized it didn't zip or even button closed at the top.

    Oh, and 'cmon6969': Yeah, I was using an old backpack too, to begin with. I had a black canvas backpack that wasn't very roomy. It also didn't zip back up. It had a string type openning that I had to use to pull it 'mostly' shut. Then it had a flap that went over it that buckled. I wanted a genuine diaper bag, as it is bigger and roomier, zipped up, and had plastic on the inside, so that it's better protected from moisture and powders (easier to clean) and better with odors. I'm happy with what I have now.

    It should hold about 8-10 diapers, a big container of Pampers Swipers, several booster pads, powder, ointment, extra tape (a necessity with the new Depends), disposal bags, some pull-ups and a few extra pairs of underwear, should I need them. Even with all that, it still would have a little room for more.

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    Currently I just use a black messenger back that works pretty well, but I have thought of getting a diaper bag. Haven't found one I like though. I understand wanting one that doesn't look like a diaper bag, but then I might as well stay with the messenger bag. I want something in between. Looks somewhat like a diaper bag, but not obviously so, with some good pockets for powder and such.

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