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    Okay, so those of you who have Google earth would have *probably* heard of the flight simulator easter egg. If not, load Google Earth and do Control+Alt+A (Mac users, <weird clover leaf thing>+ALT+A).

    Now once you've tried the easter egg, you may want to do some exploring, and I've found the following. Copy and paste these into the Fly To box, I must warn you, some of these are a little NSFW.

    45 7'25.87"N 123 6'48.97"W

    5332'18.35"N 120'44.17"W (you may have to zoom in a bit)

    3433'10.19"N 8659'38.23"W

    These have mysteriously been removed (which is why I can't find the coordinates).

    Colchester, UK

    Barrowden, UK #1

    Barrowden, UK #2

    Patcham, UK

    Grazeley, UK

    Indiana, US

    Nauen, Germany (this one was lost with an image update)

    Unknown locations:

    If you find anything else interesting, tell us the coordinates!

    EDIT: I thought I'd throw this in, too. 3714'5.93"N, 11548'30.07"W
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    I gotta admit I liked the one that looked like the smiley face that runs around eating all those dots...what was that game called again *shrugs* COOL thanks for finding that!

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