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Thread: post your funny Ebay stories here.

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    Default post your funny Ebay stories here.

    Here's mine..

    I got the new professor layton game for the DS, I ended up putting it on Ebay last week. So this woman bids 25.50 and wins, the total comes to 30.40 with shipping and fees. So the day she wins this auction she says she was given the same exact game as a gift. But before this happened she had it set to automatically pay me upon her winning.

    yesterday she goes to paypal and says someone accessed her account and paid me the 30.40, paypal today saw no evidence of that happening at all and gave me the money. I went to the post office and shipped the game off to her since that is my part of the deal.

    So shes getting a 2nd copy and I got my money. During all of this she has said.

    "what you should do is fuck yourself, I don't want the fuck game, and you are not get a payment from me. You can made me confirmation shit. How can you get pay if there is no money in these account."

    "how can u get pay with no money in the account. so ur out of luck."

    well I assume she also knew that Paypal was holding the payment until they figured it out. I have more then enough proof that I shipped the item and I was going to give paypal the info, turns out they didn't need it to make their decision. So now the situation is over and I am happy, I hope she responses more furious then ever though since this whole situation has been highly comedic in my eyes.

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    Well, if you knew she got the game as a gift before you shipped it out, I think you should have just gave her money back (minus paypal fees, obv.) and kept the game and re-posted it.

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    Fire2box, care to PM me her username, so I can put her on my "blocked bidder" list? I'd appreciate it. Guess too much selling on ebay over the last 5 years has made me skeptical of some buyer's stories.

    Hmmm...a funny ebay story...let's see.

    I once put a new Transformer toy on ebay and received a bid almost right away from a noob. It was a 7 day auction, and as the days went by the bidder started sending wierd questions. Questions anyone by their late teens would know the answer to. "How do you pay for this?", "What's a Money Order?", "Do I have to buy it if I win?" The last question was asked less than 24 hours before end of auction, and was the final straw for me. My answer? "Nope, no worry about buying it because I'm hereby cancelling your bid and putting you on my blocked bidder's list! Furthermore, I don't believe you're even of legal age to be a registered user and I'm reporting you to ebay to investigate!" I truly believe it was a kid who set up an account by *borrowing* a parent's credit card to prove he was 18. Last I ever heard from him...


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    I bought a particularly rare record last summer (Coheed and Cambria - The Second Stage Turbine Blade) and paid around $190 USD for it and had it imported from Japan. So earlier this summer I noticed a copy again on ebay, and I watched it, for as far as I've seen (And I've looked a lot for this record) these are the only two I've seen in existance for sale. So I basically ended up just starring at the computer screen for the last half-hour of bidding while person after person kept bidding and the final sell price was $395 USD, and it was again being shipped from Japan.

    When its all said and done that's 400 for a record. I was questioning how much I could actually afford being a vinyl enthusiast after I bought mine, but it turns out I got it for half-off

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cupcake View Post
    Well, if you knew she got the game as a gift before you shipped it out, I think you should have just gave her money back (minus paypal fees, obv.) and kept the game and re-posted it.
    I listed the item as nonreturnable and when she made a winning bid she and me make a legal and binding contract. Paypal did withhold her money but they sent to to my account when they found out no one but her has accessed her account. She claimed her "identity" was stolen.

    But in the first ebay message I got from her she stated she does not want the game anymore since she just got the same game as a gift. That pretty much proves she bid on the item willingly.

    As a update I provided her with tracking info for the package, she is now saying she will send it right back to me. I told her if she does then she is legally giving it back to me since it's a non-returnable item as the listing clearly stated.

    I already suggested to her that she return the new copy she got or put one of them up on ebay, like I have.

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    and your free to sell it again if you want. There is a postal law that basically states that any unsolicited packages that come to you in the mail are a gift, and you are under no obligation to return them.

    Good luck with every thing....though I did have a fail ebay story.

    I bought a book off because it was more than half off. Well 3 weeks or so pass, and I had been checking my P.O. Box constantally, and then I get an email. The seller never shipped the item in the first place and then was like would you like me to ship it still or return it...Well first test for that class was thursday, so I asked for a refund as fast as possible.

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    My husband once placed a bid on ebay for a PS3 and he accidentally bid on a the PS3 that was being sold by a newbie because she had 0 feedback when he meant to bid in the other auction for a PS3. He wins the item and pays for it and she emails him telling him she will ship it on Monday and give him the shipping number so he can track it. That day comes, no email. He contacts her a few days later and she still hadn't responded. i got sick of her ignoring my husband so I go in the community forum talking about it and one of the ebayers managed to look up my husband's bidding history and said it looked like a scam because she had the item re listed a few times. I also told my husband to file a claim on paypal against her and report her to ebay. We could never figure out how to report her to ebay but he reported her to paypal and she replies back to him through ebay by saying she got the notice from paypal that he had filed against her and she said since the bid was so low she didn't ship it and she would ship him the brand new game system without any games with it. I knew that was bullshit and my husband knew it too. She was probably trying to get him to close the claim but he left it open. Instead he just told her to tell him that through paypal. She didn't and she deleted the ended auction and my husband was unable to leave her negative feedback. Call that being a coward.

    So when the lady failed to respond to the claim, paypal gave my husband 200 dollars because that was all they covered. He never got his money back from the woman but he didn't care. At least he got most of it back, he only lost $122.

    In her other auction the bid was up to $700 on the PS3 and I told my husband it could have been worse than that and someone is going to lose that much money if he or she wins, good thing he didn't lose that much money. He still uses ebay but he doesn't trust newbies and he knows to be more careful with which auction he is looking at.

    Another funny story. Back in May I buy a few items in my area on ebay and the seller said she doesn't do local pick ups. So I am expecting the package in one or two days and it never comes and two weeks go by and it never comes. I had contacted her twice, no reply. The same thing happened with my other item from another seller. I also contacted them no reply. Then the person in my area finally replies apologizing and she explains that she was moving and one of her movers dropped her computer and it broke so she couldn't check her email for days and she couldn't get my address. But she finally got a new one so everything is okay now and she said she ship the item out and she did. I never had to call her on the phone.
    With the other person I had to call and the man said they had also been having computer problems and his wife shipped my item out. It came. I figured it was just a funny coincidence that both sellers had computer problems. So i buy from that same seller again and the item doesn't come so I call them again and this time it was about having problems with the sewing machine but she did ship some items out and one of them she believed was mine. The item did come. I figured she maybe had to make the AB outfit. The third time the item came fast with no delay. I mean she could have contacted me to explain her situation and she was lucky I didn't file a claim against her. Instead I was just patient and contacted her and no reply and then decided to call.

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    A couple of months ago, I was bidding for an original 1890's copy of the Jungle Book by Rudyard Kipling. It was pretty expensive (a couple hundred bucks), but I really wanted that book. I put my bid in, and then checked in on it a couple hours later. The first thing I noticed that this stupid guy just put an extra dollar in front of me. So I put on another dollar, and waited. He kept putting on a dollar to the bid, etc. etc.

    This happened about 15 times (always putting one dollar ahead of my bid). I finally figured out (stupidly) that Ebay had an automatic thing where it will always outbid the other user until it reaches a limit. I finally realized that this one guy got to his limit, so I thought I was home free.

    Heck no I wasn't. This guy came back full force and started to outbid me one-on-one. I put down $5 bucks, he would put down $10, so on so forth.

    This went down to the freaking wire. It literally came down to the last 5 seconds. The man beat me by 1 cent. One FREAKING cent.

    I'm still pissed about that...

    The good news is that 5 minutes later I found a similar copy that was just a few years older than the original (like 1897 instead of 1894), and got it with "Buy Now" for about $300 less than the one I just bid for. Heck yes!

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    You must really love that book Asher..

    Anyways last night I found out Kevin Smith was throw a tanktop and jeans worn by Jason Mewes on the movie Zack and Miri on Ebay. Someone won the auction with only 45 bucks.

    then again I wasn't going to be able to do much with it other then geek out over it.

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