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Thread: So my mom out of town for 2 weeks

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    Default So my mom out of town for 2 weeks

    An the title says it all my mom is in another state for almost 2 weeks. It like 1 week and 5-6 days.

    She know I'm a AB/DL. An is "ok" with it. But I decided while she was gone I'm going to sleep in diapers an I also went to target an found a sleeper. It was in the young boys department. But i got XL it was the biggest they had. An for 12 bucks not bad. I'm about 5' 9" and a 34" waist. 220 pounds give or take a few. I got in it ok, the feet are big enough i wear 10.5-11 shoes USA. I'm almost to tall for it. An to fat. I had to do a good amount of stretching. But I got it to zip up. I just cant bend over. I had the zipper blow out the first time I try ed to zip up with out any stretching. But got it fixed. An heck for 12 bucks who can complain.

    I also got a bottle as well.

    So my sleeping check list for the week

    Teddy Bear "Name: Beary"
    Teddy Bear Blanket.

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    Enjoy! I have been by myself also for just over a week.

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    Ah its so nice. I sleeped so well today.

    Normaly I will sleep with just my nuk5, an my teddy bear blanket under the rest of my blankets. But I'm almost worried in my sleep. An wake up allot.

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    I would wear all the time, Not just to bed.

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