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Thread: Latex "Diaper"

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    Default Latex "Diaper"

    Well it's called a diaper, although it's more like plastic latex pants. I'd put a link, but I can't find one without dicks and boobs somewhere on either the picture or the page. Just search for "Latex diaper" and it should be one of the first results. Has anyone tried, or for that matter, even heard of these before?

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    I really like the these pink ones..

    But $120 is a lot. I suppose they would last forever though.

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    This one comes from a different type of source, a leather S and M company.....but

    Sorry problem attaching link

    go to search for reinforced latex briefs

    I have some on order right now, heard they were good
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    Quote Originally Posted by Katrinka View Post
    I really like the these pink ones..

    But $120 is a lot. I suppose they would last forever though.
    No...They aren't those...

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    Well, they're not what you're looking for evidently, but Protex is a damn good company. I've ordered from them before.

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    What your talking about I believe is latex rubber pants, I have a few pair that I got from fetwear, they are a bit expensive but I really like them.

    When I'm wearing cheap disposeables I wear them they seem to work much better at catching what the diaper dosn't.

    these are the ones I got the overnight

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    I guess if your into that, those sound like some well thought out garments. Personally I'm not sure I would like the feeling of rubber around my legs.

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    You all misunderstood. They aren't like plastic pants per say. Well they are, but I don't think they are necessarily for holding in leaks from a diaper.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Pojo View Post
    No...They aren't those...
    I wasn't saying if those were or weren't the ones you are looking for, I was stating that I liked them.

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