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Thread: Tranquility ATN vs Tranquility slim-line

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    Default Tranquility ATN vs Tranquility slim-line

    Hi guys, I was wondering if someone out there who has used or is familiar with both of these could give a brief comparison of each. I have used the ATNs and am basically wondering if the ATNs are superior or if the slim-lines are.

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    The ATNs are designed for overnight use so they are a bit thicker and more absorbent than the Slim-lines are. The Slim-lines are basically the day time equivalent of the ATNs and so they are slimmer so as to be more descreet under clothes.

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    Quote Originally Posted by deependh200 View Post
    could give a brief comparison
    Yeah...a comparison of both briefs is what you need Pun intended?

    However, I can't be of any help here - I've only tried ATNs and concluded that the diaper was shaped in such an odd way that it doesn't fit me very well.


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    lol, pun.

    i have used both. i like a thick diaper, with even the ATN's are just a little bit thicker than the last depends max i had, so the slim lines are about depends max thickness, but they do hold quite a bit, and "seem" to be quieter.

    i wear ATN's more then the slimline A)thick B)noisy C)holds 33oz, and im all for some humiliation.

    i only wear slimline if i go to the movies with friends, obviously they dont know, but when i do go to sleepovers, i wear atn's

    i only bought a bag of slim's, but i've bought 5 cases of ATN's so far

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