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Thread: Exact size of a Nuk 5?

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    Default Exact size of a Nuk 5?

    Hey guys, I was wondering if I could get someone who owns a standard nuk 5 paci to get the measurements of the teat as well as the faceplate in all dimentions. I used to have a nuk 5, before my mom found it and threw it out, but now I think I'm gonna buy one of der nucki koenig's huge paci's and would like to get a direct size comparison. On his ebay store he has his paci's measured out so if I had the measurements of a nuk 5, I could get a real good idea what would be too big for me, and what might be just the perfect sized paci. Thanks a ton!

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    Sorry to hear that your mum threw out your old one. What are you going to do to make sure the new one is safe?

    The teat is 4cm (almost exactly) long, from where it joins the plate, to the tip. At the widest point, the width of the teat is 3cm. The standard plate is 3cm tall and 6cm wide, though it is possible to get nuk5's that have been modified with different plates.

    Would be really interested to hear what you end up getting, and what it's like.

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    Lemme know if you still need measurements (PM or wall post works), I can get you any dimension you want within +/-.001" and then you can just convert to metric within +/-.0254mm.

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    Definitely worth doing! There's quite a few on ebay at the moment.

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