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Thread: Spanking/Caning after 12

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    Does anyone else particulary girls get spanked/aned by their parents even if they are teenagers? My sister and I still do. Do you think it's right?

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    As someone who did get the belt as kid, I'm going to have to give this a big no. I think part of growing up is being able to formulate your own opinions and agenda and to be allowed to express yourself freely, sometimes irrespective of the fact it might be damaging. Teenage-parental arguments are a proud display of growing independence and shouldn't be punished.

    Teenage years are always going to be turbulent, but to prohibit or stall personal development is not something I'm going to support. Otherwise, what does the child learn? What sort of experiences do they gain? Who do they become as a person?

    Throughout childhood, yes, the child often needs to be pushed in the right direction, but as they become a young adult they need to make their own ideas and decisions -which they learn from if they falter- and shouldn't be streamlined into a restrictive mentality. Maintaining assertive guidance is key, not impetuous physical harm.

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