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Thread: i am starting an adopt a plush site.

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    Default i am starting an adopt a plush site.

    ok i am serious i am getting 200$ at least a week probably gonna go down but i want to start one on free webs but i hit a snag i don't have any!! i thought about this for a while but think i will hit alot more snags but should i do it?

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    What is your goal? To make money, or to just have fun, completely at your own expense? If your goal is to make money, you might wanna invest in Google's AdSense (or whatever they have), as well as contact someone like BuildABear Workshop.

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    no it is have fun , giving to others Plus i have a 1 bear at least that i don't care much for and other plushies, i remebered. but i can't get those for a couple weeks but soon

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