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    hello my name is ryan i just turned 18. ive been wearing for about two years but ive liked em since i was 8. i live in Toronto Ontario. i like biking a lot and wearing diapers but only every now and then since i have a big family its hard to hide and wear them. im on this site so i can find someone cool to talk to around my age

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    Welcome to ADISC! There are tons of people around 18 here.

    Me... Other people... More people... Yeah.

    You like biking? Do you have, like, uber-strong biking legs?

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    i do actually i just finished a 900 mile bike ride or 600 k depends where your from

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    Sweet! ^_^

    Wow... 900 mile bike ride... I think that would kill me... But it was fun, right?

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    It was amazing it was me and 250 others camping and riding

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    I'm envious. I'd love to do that. I ride my bike trail, which goes for maybe 20 miles if you take all of it. It's built on an old set of rail lines. It's a beautiful ride. Anyway, welcome to the site.

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    Well, as long as it was fun for you, right? ^_^

    dogboy: I didn't know you liked to ride!

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