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    Get Your Virtual Haircut and Other Auditory Illusions - One Man's Blog
    Go ahead. It's all the rage right now. You need headphones. I promise it isn't a screamer.

    My buddy Hrafn over at Think Artificial found this fantastic audio recording that sounds exactly like you’re getting a haircut. I thought it was so cool that I had to do some research.

    These are called Holophonic sounds and are made to be listened to with headphones. They are recorded with a dummy head that has two microphones, one in each ear. The shape of the head and ears must be similar to a human head.

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    Sexy Woman’s Invitation (Download Zip):

    You bet I will.


    Do that.

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    This is a great trick to use. Amazing trick, actually. One of the reasons? So insanely easy to reproduce.

    When my band recorded our first demo for our never-completed concept album, we used this for interview segues with the characters we portrayed. It's crazy to sit down and hear people walk around you while sharpening knives, flicking lighters, whispering in your ear, hollaring from the stairs, slamming doors around you. We eventually began to associate certain sounds around the room in different segues so that way the listener could get a "visual" of the room (an old radio in one corner, a door in the upstairs to the left, a phone behind). Then, throughout some of the songs, we'd incorporate parts that used those real-sound elements to draw the listener back into the theme. It was a blast, easy to do, and amazingly effective.

    I would love it if people did radio dramas (seriously, why did radio dramas vanish?) like this.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dawes View Post
    I would love it if people did radio dramas (seriously, why did radio dramas vanish?) like this.
    Radio dramas are still around, though none of them use this technique. It'd be pretty sweet.

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