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Thread: Homecoming?

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    Default Homecoming?

    Well the Homecoming dance is yet apon me again. I have never had a date for it and I was fine with it. But, my parents confronted me today and said "So, who do you think you'll take to Homecoming"? I said I don't think I am going I will probably work that day.

    They came back with "IT is your Senior year, you have to go with a date"

    "We'll pay for everything"

    I was like "We'll see"

    Has anyone elses parents confronted them like this?

    I have this one girl in mind that I want to ask, but I am not sure if I want to yet, I first need to get talking to her more and I am just afraid if I do ask her and she says no we will either stop progressing friendship, or I will become even more depressed.

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    Don't let them force you into anything. If they force you to take a date and you're not comfortable, you wont have a good night.

    It's your senior dance; it's your night, not theirs.

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    If you think you want to go, and want to ask the girl who you are friendly with, why not ask her. You can always start out with, "Hey, are you going to the dance with anyone?" If she says no, then ask her. You can always say let's go as friends, no tension. Nothing ventured, nothing gained.

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    I went to all my school dances with a group of friends, never just one person. I never wanted to go either, they forced me into it, and paid for my tickets which was cool. I never had much fun at them, so you're not missing out on much. I never went to prom either. It's not like I didn't have to option, I had 3 girls and a guy ask me out to prom. I just really didn't want to go.

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    Nope. I never really went to any dances (except something that was a fundraiser thing). I didn't even go to prom.

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    Never went to my dances either, had other things to do than them. Never liked school functions unless they were sports-related. I hated dances cause they reminded me of how low I was on the social scale.


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    Well, my parents never confronted me about it, but homecoming senior year was really the first "real" school dance I went to. So, I can relate to the not going to dances and stuff, but I went and had a ton of fun. Plus, I ended up dating the girl I took (starting within a few days of the dance) for almost 2 years after that. So hey, kick back, relax, and enjoy life for a night. Your parents are even going to pay for it, so you've not much to lose, and you never know what you might get out of it. My take , anyway .

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    Thanks all! No this isn't the "dinner" girl. SO, no worries there, lol. It would be nice to take a night off from school work and regular work. Though I do have to stay on top of my AP Econ and AP US. Plus I am buying a car soon and must work very very long and hard to make more money.

    But it will be nice to take a night off. Thanks for the suggestions. I was even thinking taking their money and maybe investing it in stock rather than a dancee, lol

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    Honestly, the cost of the dance probably would barely cover brokerage fees, let alone buy any useful stock (not to mention most brokerage houses want $500 to a few grand minimum deposit to open an account).

    Stop being practical and have some fun, haha.

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