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Thread: What, in your opinion, is the worst diaper ever?

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    Default What, in your opinion, is the worst diaper ever?

    Oft are threads created dealing with the most beloved diaper of the masses, but not threads about the worst diapers in existence? For me, I would have to say Depends' pull-ups are the worst.

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    I've never tried Depends, but for me I'd have to say Lambi Senior diapers. They're from Mexico, a friend sent them to me. But the tapes were horrible and it was like wearing a plastic bag.

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    I randomly bought some Albertson's Equaline diapers a few weeks ago when I was shopping. They were on clearance for like $7.00, so I just couldn't pass up that deal. Figured they couldn't be thhhhhat bad. Boy was I wrong! It was like walking around with Saran wrap between my legs. I'll probably end up throwing them out the next time I organize my stash.

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    Quote Originally Posted by diaperedteenager View Post
    Depends adjustables.

    Seconded. My main problem is how loose they are.

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    Hmm, I would say the depends adjustables or the cheap Prevails.

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    I have tried depends. They were bad. But not as bad as Life diapers. Imagine a paper towel in a plastic bag. That is a Life diaper.

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