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Thread: Drinks

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    Good question! I vary a lot. It depends who I'm with, where I am, my mood and of course how drunk I am.

    Generally I like to start off with a WKD or a Smirnoff Ice and then I'll move on to something like Malibu and coke, or Martini and lemonade, and then if I'm out late, at some point I'll start on shots, which normally involved tequilla, sourz, stiffie's or sambucca.

    And all that mixing of drinks sometimes leads to a very good night out.

    I don't go out and drink that often though so it's ok once in a while

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    I'm pretty simple when it comes to my alcohol. I like beer, it's what I drink the most of. However I do like a good Bourbon as well, Maker's Mark or Eagle Rare are very good. Sometimes if I'm feeling fancy, a Gin Martini or a Rye & Ginger, or Seven & Seven, whatever you want to call it.

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    A good Cuba Libre (rum, coke, lime) is nice. Also, Woo-woos are a good drink when making a pitcher for parties (1 part vodka, one part peach schnapps, two parts cranberry juice, served very cold). I still prefer really good beer, though, as long as it isn't mass-produced piss-water.

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    I'm pretty boring; I'm a vodka drinker, and I dabble in drinking beer as well.

    Vodka Redbull is the king of drinks; or failing that, Vodka Coke works too.

    As for beers? Well, Carlsburg is a drop that I would never say no to

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    omg! I forgot about woo woos I love love LOVE them!!! and cheeky vimtos! ahhh weatherspoons 'cocktails'

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    I normally stick to Malibu and Coke Zero.

    I wish I was a beer would be cheaper!

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    I wouldn't turn down Southern Comfort.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Katrinka View Post
    I wish I was a beer would be cheaper!
    You can train yourself to be a beer drinker!

    It's pretty easy. Mix beer and softdrink (soda - I recommend CocaCola) 50/50 and drink that. The sugar takes away the bitterness from the hops. Then, once you like that, mix it 60/40.. then 70/30... then 100/0 and boom! You're a beer drinker!

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    I feel so young now, i only sneak what i can out of the liquor cabinet....

    Thanks guys!

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