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Thread: Hiya everyone

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    Talking Hiya everyone

    Hiya you all can call me Iyota.
    Im gay and single and im a AB/DL/Sissy and a furry.

    I enjoy drawing and collecting vintage video games and computers.
    Im very shy which is why ive been registered for awhile but i havent introduced myself untill now.

    Any questions about me. just ask =3

    my english isnt perfect so if i say something that sounds alittle strange just tell me and ill try to rephrase it. ^ ^
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    Quote Originally Posted by Takashi View Post

    How did you make 'ᴥ' <--- that?
    by using ascii characters
    you can make them by either using key combinations or by using Character Map on windows

    it should be Start/Programs/Accessories/System Tools/Character Map on vista
    i hope that helps ^ ^

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    "ᴥ" - Err, I see an entity symbol on Ubuntu. Can anyone tell me what its supposed to be? (Char code 1d25).

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