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Thread: An introduction about.... myself!

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    Cool An introduction about.... myself!

    hi! i know im pretty young, but that shouldn't be a problem, since all ages are welcome . well, i have many hobbies, so i don't even know where to start!

    well, i like video games, freerunning, mettalica, comedy and sometimes i even read a bit .
    my "relationship" with diapers started since i was 5. i used to "borrow" my smaller brothers diapers, and then use them myself. my biggest wish right now is to become a proffetional comedian, and do a "one man show" . im really looking for some good "friends" here, not fights!


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    How young is "young?" I bet I'll beat you

    Welcome to the site man! A professional comedian, eh? Good luck with that!

    Enjoy the site, you'll like it no matter how old/young you are.

    --The Silent Assassin--

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    Guess he's not as young as he thought he was.

    Topic closed.

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