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Thread: I want a Teddy Bear! What's the best?

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    Default I want a Teddy Bear! What's the best?

    I have not had a stuffed animal in a loooooooooooong (really long) time, but over the last few months I have found myself waking up hugging my body pillow. I think a big, really soft, cuddly bear would be kinda nice, but I don't want some cheaply built piece o'junk. What kinds (brands) of animals do you all have, and would recommend, or what would you get if you had the chance?

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    I don't think there is a best teddy bear or stuffed animal out there. It all depends on the person looking for one. Anyways they don't have any really big ones anymore sadly, so just go to toys r us or some other toy store and pick out the one you want.

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    Target is where I got Kimmy, my super huge panda bear.

    I just recommend general stores...


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    this site has some pretty cute and even some big stuffed animals!

    Baby Gund Spunky Extra Large Blue Dog

    that's one specific one i want someday x3

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    One word, Stieff! I love Kovar the Husky to bits! He's a stieff that I bought (with a gift card) for $80 :O at Disney world. He's kinda big, but not huge :P. I know sstieff has been around for a long time. check them out.

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    Mine doesn't have a brand that I can tell, it was bought in a gift shop before I was even born.

    So, umm... yeah I can't reccomend any brands, but you don't nessecarily need to go expensive to get one that will last.

    I got mine when I was about 1 or 2, (it was used basically as a decoration before then), so it's lasted around 14-15 years of use.

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    Thanks for all the ideas everyone!

    I know that I want a big bear/dog/manbearpig/whatever, 2 feet or more. It's gotta be really soft and cuddly.

    F2B, you are right that everyone has their own favorites (best), I was thinking from a quality standpoint, how does it hold up, how soft is the fur, etc..

    Sophie, Ill look at Target today when I go eat.

    Sila, *bows down* you ROCK! That site has SO many choices (my god, a 5 foot tall polar bear?)! I really like Spunky!

    Nick, I've heard of Steiff, I'll look them up. Theirs are more realistic, right?

    Dreamaker, I think it's awesome that you still have the same bear from babyhood. I had a red and white dolphin that went almost everywhere with me until it "disappeared" when I was around 8.

    Nicky, I'll look at Build a Bear, but do they make BIG bears?

    Thanks again y'all!

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    <==== Best teddy bear ever.

    But really, I highly recommend a Gund Bear. They are soft, cute, and made with high quality materials. Unfortunately, I don't think they are made in the USA anymore. But still very nice for about $30. I have one.

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