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Thread: G'Day everyone!

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    Hello everyone!

    First, I must apologize about the stereotypical thread title. I don't understand the whole "G'Day" thing - why anyone would want to say it is entirely beyond my level of comprehension - but hey, it's at least given me an opener

    Now, for me. I'm a 24 yo, straight male from Melbourne, Australia. Not sure that I want to give out any more personal information than that right now Diapers aren't a really a sexual thing for me; in fact, I'm not really sure what they are. I guess that's kind of why I'm here.

    A little bit about my story and how I discovered I'm a DL

    For me, the whole 'diaper' (inverted commas - we call them 'nappies' here, but lets stick to convention ) thing has been around forever. I remember as a kid not being able to understand why other kids were in diapers and I wasn't. Then, as a teenager, I - as you do - started to notice girls and, well, we know what that entails.

    The 90's will go down as the best period in the history of forever to be a (typical) teenage boy. We were the internet generation and we no longer had to turn to sacred copies of Playboy that we managed to steal from someone to satisfy our sexual curiosity... instead, we shared floppy disks and transferred files over ICQ! As good as all this porn was, I always felt that there was something missing. At the time, I wasn't even in the slightest bit aware of what this was, but knew that I had to figure out what it was. It took a little while, but the first piece of the puzzle fell into place one day when I was reading one of the teenage-girl magazines my sister would leave lying about. I'm not sure if it was the items themselves, or if it was simply because I found the woman in the Libra ads at time amazingly beautiful, but in any case, feminine hygiene products (namely, panty liners) caught my attention in an unexpected way. I stole one from my sister and went into the bathroom and wet it (just like in the ads) and I was fascinated with the whole absorbing-water thing. I knew this wasn't what was 'missing', but I knew I was getting somewhere.

    The next piece came at school one day, when I learnt that there were such things as "incontinence pads". One day during a health class, a teacher mentioned that his father had an accident of some sort, and was now incontinent and had to wear diapers now. At the time, I didn't pay that much attention to it, but that night, I had a dream about the Libra-girl in an appropriately sized nappy. As far as I can remember, this was my first sex dream. At this point in time, I hadn't worked out that this was what was 'missing'. It felt weird (I'm sure we all know this feeling) and not normal, but once again, it had my attention. I had a problem though.

    Despite our teacher telling us what "incontinence pads" were, I hadn't put much thought into them at the time, and I had no idea what they were called.. and it's not like I could ask anyone. I (as discretely as I could; pretty sure I got away with it) searched on the web but couldn't find anything, and sort of gave up on the idea. I had a go at making my own diapers, starting off plastic bags and toilet paper and eventually moving to stolen panty-liners and saran wrap. After nearly, but I nearly got caught one day, and got freaked out enough to 'never do it again'.

    About a year later, I started having these weird dreams again. I started to think I was insane, and all the sort of weird thoughts you have when you first figure out what you're AB/DL ("Why am I thinking this?" "This is really weird", "I'm soooo the only person who thinks this...right?"). I had a day off school and spent the day with the newly-invented Google search engine determined to consolidate all these thoughts in my head. After a couple of hours, I found a picture from and I instantly knew that this is what I was looking for. It was a single picture - a girl putting on a plain white disposable diaper - but it was enough to (sort of) re-assure me. Other people had to be into this, too. I printed this picture and kept it under my bed. I now sort of knew what I was!!

    It took 2 years for me o buy my first diapers. I'd discovered that there were these things called "depends" which were adult diapers, but had no way of getting them. And then one day, I found an online pharmacy that I could buy them from... and they didn't need a credit card!! I waited another ~6 months until I had finished school and in my 2 months off (home alone!!), I ordered some. After 7 painstakingly long days, they came. 2 packets of depends in a box. And the rest, as they say, is history!

    My noble cause :p

    A couple of years later, after reading all the websites, I found somewhere local that sold Molicares. I went to this store every day for a week (and it was an hour walk from my house!) before I finally got the nerve to go in. I have no doubt the lady there knew I wasn't buying them for the "intended" purpose, but she was very professional and understanding. I ended up buying a case and carrying them alll the way home. Eventually, I found a place that sold Abena's and made the three hour trip to this place before chickening out and going home. The second time buying wasn't any easier than the first. On the second day, I somehow managed to convince myself to go in and mistakenly bought some Abri-Form Super's (not X-Plus) and when I got home, I was amazingly upset. I tried one on, but was very dissapointed, so I sold the un-opened packet on eBay and stashed the rest away, content with my Molicares. Eventually, I decided to go down the X-Plus route, but for whatever reason, was very dissapointed with them. Then I had an idea.

    It's really quite difficult to get (decent) diapers here, and I had relatively convenient access to a store that sold the ever-elusive Molicares. I remembered how hard it was (even as a 21 year old) to go and buy diapers. I figured it'd be a noble cause to supply them to people who wanted them but couldn't get them for whatever reason. I started selling individual Molicare's on eBay for $3.50 including post and had lots of interest. I sold about 6 bags of super plus over the space of a year, and ended up losing about $200 at the end of my little experiment, but I figured I made lots of people happy. It certainly was interesting though.

    Every single person I sold them to had opened a new eBay account solely for the purpose of buying diapers. They all had newly created email addresses. Some even went so far as to use fake names.

    The emails were the most interesting part though. I'd get emails asking how discrete I could be sending them and from people emailling me and abusing me for no reason. I'd get people emailling me telling me how great of a thing what I was doing was and in the same breath telling me that they'd rather die than get caught. There were people telling me that they'd received their package and were amazingly happy and could finally be themselves and so on.

    One guy was so worried about getting caught by his wife, that he asked me to put his 2 Molicares in a big box along with whatever so that on the off-chance his wife picked up the box from the post office, it looked like it could be anything. I told him I could, but he'd have to pay for the extra postage. In the end, with the box he asked me to use, it ended up costing him nearly $50 for 2 diapers. But that's what he wanted.

    But the most frequent question I was asked was "Do you have any Abena's?". My usual response was "No, I find these much better", and sometimes people would buy them and sometimes not. Other times they'd insist I find a way to get some for them and that they'd pay a lot for some. When they were insistant that Abena was the be-all-and-end-all of diapers ("I read it on the internet! It has to be true" mentality), I sold a couple of the Abenas and sent some Moli's along so they could see I was telling the truth. Most people sent emails saying "wow, thanks" and giving their opinions (and buying more later), and most of them agreed with my view.

    In the end, I stopped doing this. Few reasons:

    First - I finished uni and got job and it was starting to take too much time.

    Second - Some other guy started up a similar thing selling Abena X-Plus on eBay ($25 for a three-pack delivered) which tended to get people's attention as Abena's was what the net told them they wanted. I didn't mind though... at the end of the day, I wasn't in it for the money, but for getting diapers into the hands of people that wanted them.

    So that's me and my experience so far. Hoping that ADISC can be a part of a future story


    Wow.. I just saw how long that was. I didn't even realise! (I talk when I'm nervous, haha)
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    G'day and welcome to the site

    That's an impressively lengthy introduction. Definitely an interesting account for your little diaper selling business. I would have thought the responses you got would be more of an artifact of an earlier time than three years ago but I guess I'm disconnected from that kind of desperation these days.

    I hope ADISC turns out to be part of a good story for you

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    Great introduction. Welcome to the site, there seems to be more and more Aussies coming in! :O THEY'RE INVADING! (Quickly, kill Lukie while we can?).

    Just kidding :P. Anyways, I look forward to reading more of your posts it's not every day we get to read a nice introduction like the one you posted! Catch you around mate.

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    Quote Originally Posted by mm3 View Post
    Great introduction. Welcome to the site, there seems to be more and more Aussies coming in! posted!....
    ... Kool intro., I agree with mm3!

    Yup, Lots of Aussies are into AB/DL!! It's all good!

    Maybe this is a "international phenomenon"!!

    Here you can make lots of kool friends from "All over" the world, and become a active member, giving your ideas, opinions, and expertise about all things DL, etc., yada, yada, yada!!!

    ~ Will

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    Soon we will just have to assume all Australians like to wear diapers. Anyway, welcome to the site. Perhaps by reading other threads and posts you will learn more about your desires. I think we all have to some degree.

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    Quote Originally Posted by mm3 View Post
    (Quickly, kill Lukie while we can?).
    With a stick?!

    Anyway, Zed, welcome from one Aussie to another.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lukie View Post
    With a stick?!

    Anyway, Zed, welcome from one Aussie to another.
    Screw that, nothing beats the trout. Although I might need a new one, this one's getting awfully smelly since it's beginning to decay and rot.

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    Welcome welcome welcome!

    hopefully you're more active then computer died so i was gone for about 3 weeks lol. its all good though!! Great intro xD


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    Welcome to ADISC! I have never seen an intro as extensive as yours (my own being like 3 sentences. That tells me you ain't a joke and I hope that you enjoy your time at this site and can further contribute to this site.

    And we don't need to kill off the increasing overpopulation of Aussies. It's fine.


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    Is there a correlation between the term "Down Under" and the propensity for our Australians to be into diapers? Ummmm!

    That was about the best biographical/historical sketch of a person's involvement with diapers as I've ever read.

    Perhaps you could tell us more about yourself - you said you finished at you university - What was your field of study? What line of work are you in? What are some of your other interests and hobbies? You'll notice the range of topics in our forums run the gamut. See you around in the forums. Welcome and enjoy your time in ADISC!

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