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Thread: Do you think Bambino, etc., should make a training pants-style disposable diaper?

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    Default Do you think Bambino, etc., should make a training pants-style disposable diaper?

    As in, adult pull-ups? Not like granny pants, but with design and prints similar to Pull-Ups. Personally, I think this would be a great idea, if it is feasible.

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    If they were available, I would definitely get them. It sounds like it would be a cool idea, but I'm not sure how economical it would be for Bambino to make them. Most people I think would rather have the real diaper more than anything else.

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    Dude I would buy these in a heartbeat. I actually contacted Bambinos at the beginning of the year and requested that they do it. They wrote back the typical "thanks for your opinion email" But i think if more people did it, they would see that there is a calll for them.

    Here is a link to the contact us page for those who are interested.
    Contact Us : Bambino Diapers, The Best Source for ABDL Diapers and Products!

    Hopefully someday someone will make us the pullups we desire.

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    I'd be interested in Bambino pullups, but I'd rather they come out with new designs for the diapers. The baby block thing is really cute, but I want something more girly, you know?

    Oh. If they came out with pullups they could probably make them a pale purple or pink like the old-school ones.


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    I'm not sure if they'd be like the Pull-up's that we're all used to, but being made by an AB/DL company then they may actually be quite good.

    I wouldn't hold your breath, though.

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    Although around the world there are rather a lot of factories with adult disposable machines, only a handful also have the different and much more complicated machines needed to make adult pull-ups.

    Given that the designer of Bambino is usually considered the leading expert on the manufacturing of adult diapers I feel sure he knows where to contract to make adult pull-on diapers. Perhaps when the cost drops and/or Bambino market research makes their entry into the pull-on market practical as a business, they know how to do that.

    Meanwhile considering all the comments by ABDL that "pull-op are hardly real diapers" and that "adult pull-on suck" is pull-up a business any sane ABDL diaper supplier wants to enter?

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    I voted "don't care". I mean, I would not buy them, but I know some people might. The regular Bambino's are all right, but I actually prefer their medical line Secure X-Plus.

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    but, pants are not a diaper/nappy.
    there's a fundamental difference between them - and the same can be said of dispies.

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    I absolutely adore pullups. I like diapers, but I would trade diapers out for pullups anyday. I would love to see Bambino make one. Basically, because while I can still find Tena Pullups cute and whatnot, they're still not babyish enough for me. I'd like to see something similar to goodnites, but bigger.

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    I voted other:
    I would definitely try these out, but I would be much more interested in bambinos with a much more contemporary diaper print, like that of current pampers baby-dry or something. I mean, those things are just so dang cute look'in

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