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Thread: Lillie Supremes by Kendall?

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    Default Lillie Supremes by Kendall?

    One of the people that I talk to is from Canada and he uses these diapers called Lillie Supremes by Kendall. My question to all of you is are these availible in the US. I was looking and I can't even find a site that will ship them to the US. Also, if anyone has tried these, how are they as far as absorbancy and bulkyness?

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    Never heard of these before. I am going to have to find some info about these.

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    I tried some Kendall diapers... their Wings Supreme... which is supposedly the best they offer in the US market. It's on a par with Attends. Better than a store brand... but not as good as the "premium" brands.

    A good budget diaper if you are ordering online.

    Ask JakeTheFox or Lizzie about them... I sent them each some... they should have them soon.

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    Okay I will. Yeah, I honestly don't think that you can get Lillie Supremes in the US. I think they are only availible in other countries. They look really cool.

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    Once I get them I'll let you guys know. And post some pictures up of the diapers. Not me in them.

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    I've heard of them-searched for hours for them- couldn't find any that would ship to the US.. Sucks too, they look good!

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    yet another nice european diaper that we in the states can't get...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Darkfinn View Post
    yet another nice european diaper that we in the states can't get...
    Yeah that makes me angry. I think a big part of the reason why America has very few good diapers that are "shippable" or domestic diaper is because there is just a horrible market for them here. The average person believes "Diapers are only for babies and old people!" Therefore anyone from 4 years old and older would be extremely against the idea of wearing a diaper, even if they needed it because a form of incontinence. Our society here is very bad for that and it makes me very very angry, because it makes us look bad.

    Plus I have NEVER not even once to my knowledge found an american who knew that pee was completly germ and bacteria free, so completly santiary. I have told some people that and they did not believe me haha! All because of our society, someone is seen wearing a diaper or peeing their pants everyone around them has a reaction very similar to this..."HAHAHA EWWWW!" So therefore there is a small amount of population in the US that will actually wear a diaper, so most diaper companies do not offer all their products here or not as good products because there is no demand for it here. Besides the very small population of infantilists in America, and a few select old people who actually ignore society and wear them anyways.

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    Hey guys, I think has em. Aka.

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