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Thread: Certainty, Tena, or Depends?

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    Default Certainty, Tena, or Depends?

    So recently I've been wearing Assurance diapers, but my local WalMart seems to be not carrying them anymore, to my great dismay. So my choices are down to the following brands:

    Depends fitted maximum protection
    Certainty fitted briefs (Walgreens brand)
    Tena Super Absorbent Underwear (Pull-ons)

    Which ones should I get? I'm running low on my last pack of Assurances....

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    I'm actually a huge fan of Certainty -- they're affordable, they're big, and they're considerably sturdy for being a cheap, knock-off brand.

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    If you like the cloth covered Assurance like me then Certainty would be good. The certainty are slightly better but just as descrete. Depends max are higher capacity and more babyish but they crinkle ridiculously. It really epends on whether you are wearing in public or not.

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    Well I've only worn Tena so far...

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    Personally, I dislike the Tena range of products. The sizing more than anything just doesn't work for me, and on their brief products, the tapes are sooo bad!

    We only have one type of depends here.. so not sure if they're the same as the American ones.. they don't have the best capacity,but they're fun!!Plain white, super crinkly, 6 tapes!!

    Worth giving them a go once... they're pretty cheap.

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    I've been using Depends Maximum for a little now (pretty much all I can buy in a walk-in store other then pull-ups or adjustable underwear) and they're pretty good for the price. I think when I bought them at Rite-Air they were $12.99 for a pack of 20... Seemed fair to me. I wore one all day on Sunday around my family in blue jeans and no one ever noticed, yet I wet it three times. So I'd have to recommend them to you, though they probably don't chance against European diapers, they still work.

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    Haven't talked with you in awhile. But if you are still living in the Twin ports, have you checked and seen what Falk's Pharmacy carries? I seem to remember them carrying more than just store brands.

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