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    I might have a possibly promotion at work. The job position I might get is a management position, a Web Manager. How much do they normally get paid, like per hour wise?

    I have no college degree and I have experience of running 5 websites, a total of 3 years of web management experience.

    My boss doesn't know what they are usually paid and he just wants me to give him a wage that seems fair. All I could really find was yearly salary for people with a 4 year web design degree, etc.

    Any advice would be welcome, thanks!

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    It'd depend quite a bit on the size of the company, how important their web site is, and what it needs to do. When you say web manager, you mean webmaster? I think most are probably not paid by the hour, though I could be wrong. I think you need to give a better idea of what the scope of the job is and your role in things.

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    it is a landscaping corporation and very big one, the site needs a total "makeover" I would be updating the site, doing diagnostics on it, constantly updating it and just generally running it. There is no current webmaster and my boss would like to get one b/c the site looks like a 5 yr. old made it(very out dated)

    He won;t pay me yearly, b/c as of right now i am only part time as a laborer at the company. I was thinking like suggesting I get between $10-17 per hour.

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    You might be able to get that. As a web designer, portfolio is important. If you've got some other nifty sites you've built, send them his way so he can have a look. If he likes your work, he'll probably be willing to pay more. If you're pretty new, you could always settle for less and use this one in your portfolio later.

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    that is why he recommended me to do this job. He likes my work, it is still up in the air position, but it may happen. I would like to have a management position at age 17 =D

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