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Thread: Need a nudge in the right direction please :-)

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    Default Need a nudge in the right direction please :-)

    Hello everyone

    Right.. I've come to realise that disposables really are quiet expensive, whilst I love them I'm looking at getting some cloth diapers so I will always have diapers avaliable even when I have no money

    I'm looking for them ones that are prefolded kind of thing, with velcro so I don't have to use pins and of course some plastic pants to go with them.

    I'm in the UK and don't mind where I get them from, not bothered about the diaper or pants being printed in any way (although they can be).

    Thanks guys


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    Have you gone to cozyndry?

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    Cosyndry would also be me first suggestion, from experience they are very good and helpfull.

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    Have you tried there is a guy there that makes them I have a few like your talking about I paid 15 bucks each for them.

    The guys store is called on etsy. you can find him at RUP also.

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    Tons of options on ebay (USA), Probably lots of options on the UK site as well.

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    hmm, a couple of items interested me on the Cosyndry site but, for a starter into trad nappies, i'd stay away from any of the american style prefolds and fitted diapers, with velcro and stuff; traditional brit-wear is terry towelling (and any terry towelling will do) with pins. and i'd also ignore any claims of 'the thickest' or 'luxurious' when it comes to buying terry towelling, it'll be lies. so far, the thickest terry i've come across has been 'hotel grade' and those that are intended to be placed upon the floor.

    if you're going the diaper route rather than the nappy route, be aware that the american styles aren't as absorbant nor as thick as british nappies.

    there is a supplier in your locale but, i'm hesitant to give his details as i have found him to be unreliable and unprofessional - and you'd end up waiting weeks for your purchases, if they were ever to be despatched. if you want to try your luck with him, i'll pm the name (i'm not going to advertise the cretin).

    simple terry towelling (hotel grade) can be bought from Dunhelm's for a good price. whilst there, you could also explore the options for fastenings (pins, buttons, velcro, etc) and you obviously experiment with the what and how of that.

    and there's also YuYun in China, whose items are available on ebay. though 'china' may sound dodgy, they actually do deliver - and speedier than their stated delivery times

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    There's a German website - - that's pretty big into the whole nappy thing. They've got the Terry Towelling as well as the pre-shaped/velcro ones, and a big selection of plastic pants, too.

    I personally have no experiences with them, so I can't vouch as per sť, but at the very least, if you find what you like, you'll know the brand and the style you're looking for which can only make your search easier!

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    Thanks for the suggestions guys.

    I wanted pre-folded or whatever they are called because I don't think I would be very good at actually shaping a nappy.

    I'll have a look through them all and decide which ones I want

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    Quote Originally Posted by RedApple View Post
    I wanted pre-folded or whatever they are called because I don't think I would be very good at actually shaping a nappy.
    It's not as hard as you might think, though. What I'd suggest if you're not too big, is finding a video of how to fold a terry nappy on YouTube and then getting a large towel and see if you can fold that up in a similar way.

    Should give you a idea of how able you are to fold them and what they're like to wear?

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