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    Anyone else play this? Do you play for real money or just play money? And, yeah, how would you rate your skill level?

    I evidently do, and play for both depending on my mood, level of concentration, how much time I have etc. (Have been playing much more now i've upgraded my graphics card configuration - my temporary "emergency" card couldn't cope with the visual requirements). I'd rate my skill level at 'average'.

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    What is it? >.>

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    I don't play that particular version, but I'm curious how it does the tells. It'd have to be some form of input from a mic or something.

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    im more like a pro, I usually play for money with a min. of $30 buy in. if your talking about poker . im a Texas Hold'em fan

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    I 4-6 table NL25 HE 6max cash games to earn spending money. I've played on Stars/FullTilt. I'm a solid winning reg, and I'm trying to build a roll to move up stakes (I'm 100% sure I'm capable of winning at .25/.5 right now - I just need to be properly rolled for it). I use PokerTracker and read a lot of 2+2 to improve my game:Two Plus Two Poker Forum - Poker Strategy Forums.

    Poker that doesn't have anything riding on it is a waste of time wherein there's little incentive for players to actually play well - and heck, the micros are weak enough that a mathematically inclined 6-year-old could beat them.

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    I've played professionally for >4 years now. I'm also on 2p2. I've played as high as 2/4NL regularly. Unfortunately, it's gotten to the point of being a 'job' and I don't really enjoy doing it for fun :P

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