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Thread: How many diapers do you go through a day?

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    Question How many diapers do you go through a day?

    For me it would usually be 0-1.

    How about the rest of you how many diapers would you go through a day.

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    During the day when I am awake and moving around I change my slip-in disposable pads every 3 hours or sooner. On a typical day I need 6-7 such pads. Once at home I normally change into pinned gauze diapers. I change gauze diapers often because that is part of the joy and it costs no more to wash several than one. Normally I use 2 cloth diapers before bed and 2 more while sleeping. Those 4 I put in the washing machine before leaving for work. My husband will transfer the washed cloth diapers to the dryer later and then leave the clean dry cloth diapers in the stack in our bedroom.

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    On average? About 0.03 I'd say. I don't have much chances to wear.

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    For me 3 to 4 on a normal day.Thats the way it is unless another fur drops by.

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    On a perfect day I would say 2. One in the morning after I get up While I have my coffee before work. I get to deposit my night pee and the first cup of coffee. An then after work to relieve the stress of the day.

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    One diaper a day for me,I'm cheap, I find a 5 hours a day in a wet diaper is enough for me, but usually I just wear a pair of plastic pants the rest of the day after my diaper has leaked.

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    For me it varies as i dont wear every day, on the days i do where it may be 1 or it could be 8 or more.

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    one at night then a few in the day whrn I feel like it

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