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    Smile Late Intro V d[-_-]b V


    I signed up a couple of months ago but only just started posting. I've lurked in a few other AB/DL community forums over the years but rarely posted so it's unlikely too many of you will be familiar with me

    I hail from Adelaide, Australia which is a small country town that is occasionally lucky enough to pass as a city from unsuspecting tourists. My work and hobby is video production & as a result Film/TV is one of my major areas of interest.

    As far as Film goes, I'm a huge sucker for all things that would be deemed "quality trash" -- John Carpenter, Walter Hill, George A Romero, etc. I'll watch anything, but if it's got Paul Newman pulling a long con, Bill Pullman as a brilliant but OCD detective, or Humans finding out that the only menace greater than Zombies is, in fact, other humans... then I'm in hook, line & sinker.

    I'm interested in most topics, although I do try and avoid politics as much as possible these days. I'm looking forward to posting more here and I hope you guys enjoy having me

    Oh, and I figured I'd put this separately for those that are interested:

    About Me & ABDL-ism
    I've been a DL for as long as I can remember; it calms and centers me in a way that people can't & I find that the urge usually becomes stronger after periods of trauma. I find some elements of ABism cute & friendly which has a sensory appeal but as far as my personal interest goes I'm purely a DL.

    It's bizarre when I think about it; I always assume that wearing has become a recent thing for me, but I've been wearing part time since I was 14 or 15. It's very much a comfort and safety thing and any sexual attachments are very much rooted in personal comfort and wellbeing as well.

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    Cool that you like film and video, that's been one of my big hobbies too.

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    Yay: Carpenter, Romero... And I assume Cronenberg (when he's good?)

    Nicely written intro post; expresses your feelings clearly, and that is no mean feat. Look forward to more of the same.

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    hey HappySnaps! nice intro!
    have fun exploring ADISC and i hope you have fun posting your comments and ideas!
    ~ Will

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