View Poll Results: As the title asks. Besides diapers, obviously.

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  • Baby wipes.

    30 75.00%
  • Adult wipes.

    6 15.00%
  • Changing mat/towel.

    10 25.00%
  • Baby powder.

    27 67.50%
  • Baby oil.

    3 7.50%
  • Plastic pull-up pants.

    6 15.00%
  • Plastic snap-on pants.

    4 10.00%
  • Other.

    8 20.00%
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Thread: What do you use to change your diaper?

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    Default What do you use to change your diaper?

    Simply enough, what items listed here do you use when changing your diapers? I realize that more items exist, and that they could be left off this list. I apologize.

    Check all that apply, and respond if you wish. Enjoy!

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    I mostly use baby powder. If I know I'm going to be sweating or walking long distances I'll also put A&D ointment along the leg gathers and in various other spots. It does wonders for friction :P. I also started recently using Huggies lavendar & chamomile baby lotion. I wasn't a big fan of the J&J baby lotion I tried before, but I saw this stuff in the grocery store the other week and figured I'd give it a shot. I'm not sure what all good it does, but I love the smell.

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    I use baby powder a changing pad pull on plastic pants along with cloth diapers and diaper pins. To clean up I jump in the shower real quick and clean my diaper area with soap and rinse off.

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    Diaper bag! I change out a lot. If I'm spending a lot of time diapered, Dr. Bordeaux's butt paste.

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    Usually just some sort of wipe, I don't go all out with powders and oil and all that.

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    As part of every change I use enough ordinary baby wipes to ensure I am clean. Consequently I hardly ever need Desitin or other rash ointment. For me baby lotion and powder does not improve the health of my skin.

    At home when being discreet about my diapers is not important, I do wear pinned gauze diapers. To improve my AB experience I will use some baby powder, lotion and Desitin. All that easily washes out of the gauze. To protect my vinyl pull-on panties that I wear over my gauze diapers, I rub the lotion and Desitin into my skin very well. I also wash my plastic panties as soon as possible following a change, and I use a dry pair of panties with every cloth diaper change.

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    Usually I just use the diaper itself. If I change into another I will wipe myself down with wipes. Most of the time I go strait from the diaper to the shower. Sometime i will wear plastic pants as well.

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    Some baby wipes to clean, some powder to keep from sweating to much and not all the time but sometimes some plastic pants. Cant wear the plastic pants in the heat. They make me sweat way to much.

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    Well I use my hands to change my diaper. But I use baby powder and wipes while changing it :P

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    You didn't leave an option for "nothing"! I usually just toss the old one and put the new one on standing up. I don't have sensitive skin or anything so I've never needed to use any powder/lotion/etc and the diapers fit better when I do it standing up, so I don't need to lie on a mat either. Works for me

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