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Thread: How do you dispose of your diapers?

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    Default How do you dispose of your diapers?

    This is quite an open-ended question, so I will not post a poll with this thread.

    Simply enough, how do you get rid of used diapers? Although I think sneaking them individually into the trash would be smart, I am too chicken to do so. I instead put them all into a garbage bag and slip it into the can with the others on Monday evening.

    How do you deal with this predicament?

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    Each diaper gets triple bagged and tied in plastic grocery bags (for odor and leak control) and placed in the outside garbage can.

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    I have an old ammo box that can hold about 8 used ones. It has a seal so no odor gets out until I open it. I usually keep a bag inside it and put the used diapers in the bag and shut the lid. Then sometime on Tuesday, I sneak the closed bag out to the trash.

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    Same as Diapered Rabbit, tied up in a bag and usually taken out to the main trash can as quickly as is reasonable.

    Looks like you hit 500 posts Diapered Rabbit!

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    I just throw them in the regular trash, and since there's a big dumpster where I live, when the trash gets full, I take it out. Simple as that.

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    At home I wear very few disposable diapers. Most evening as soon as I get home I remove the damp slip-in pad I wore for the drive home. It is the size of a baby disposable. I put it in a normal baggie and place that in the garbage compactor.

    The several gauze diapers I wear at home during the evening and night I put in the washing machine as I dress for work in the morning every day. Later my husband will transfer the washed diapers to the dryer. Once dry he will stack the gauze diapers in our bedroom.

    While working I do change my disposable pads several times a day. In my brief case I carry wipes and a bunch of opaque red poly plastic bags. I put my wet pads in those which I place in the trash containers of ladies rooms as I change. I use the red bags so the content, which can be considered a bio-hazard, will not harm the custodians or janitors.

    I have been handling disposable diapers this way for 28 years without embarrassment or problems.

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    When it was a worry that I would get caught. I would just sneak them out to the trash can individually or put them in a plastic bag first.

    Now its not as big of a deal I just through them in the waste basket and then take them out to the can on garbage day.

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    I plant mine in the garden, then once a year I harvest a crop of Tena Slips from the tree.


    I put them in a nappy-sack, and put them in the wheelie bin, kept outside or in the garage. If the nappy is a larger one or has swollen enough that the sack doesn't tie up completely, I double bag it with another bag on the other way up. I use biodegradable bags so that maybe it only takes 200 instead of 300 years to decompose, or whatever the time-scale is.

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    Now that I'm home all the time, I just throw them directly into the garbage can. Having a fiancee that also wears diapers works very well for me. lol

    Before, when I was an over-the-road truck driver, I would keep grocery store plastic bags on hand for disposal. The diaper would go in the first one, I'd tie it completely airtight shut; then I'd place it knot-end down in the second bag and tie that snug.

    This had the effect of concealing whatever was inside as far as smell and sight. Not that I would have a problem with someone digging through the garbage and discovering that little treat: serves you right. But god forbid someone see me disposing of it. lol

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    Tied up in a plastic grocery bag and thrown in the main garbage for most. For the messy ones, I seal them in the large ziplock bags before throwing them out to prevent odor.

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