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Thread: New here (obviously)

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    Default New here (obviously)

    Hello all

    I never have been good at saying hello on a new forum AB/DL or otherwise. Sometime I think I need a form letter, but here goes.

    I am 31, male, a DL and care giver. I write as a hobby and do most of my best work here in the "lifestyle?".

    I have been a DL age 5 or so, always fasinated by the feelings of amplified creativity I have when diapered. Did most of the childish things most of you probably did, you know...swiped a diaperd from a neighbors younger siblings bedroom or snuck a towel into bed and used a belt to make a makeshift diaper, AND of course we all had the inevitable heart thumping, paranoia ladden, sweating like a pig first diaper purchase experience, when you just knew you were going to get seen by mom, dad, the girl next door the local bully and JESUS himself. Shuving the diapers quickly into a backpack and hoping and praying to anyone that would listen, that you were not like a ghost in the fog.

    Yup been there done that.

    Teen years of wondering if I was a freak or looser as I cried, hating myself at times for my "perversion", only later to discover that I am not alone and I am not a diaper obsessed pervert but a creative person with a secret persona inside that sets me free. Hazah hazah.

    SO here I am looking as always to converse with free babies and Diaper lovers alike, share my experience and maybe you guys would cretique ( yaa not so great with spelling...sorry) some of my stories...? Please.. I'll be your best friend. lol

    Anyway glad to be here.

    Childish Daze

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    Hey Childishdaze, GREAT introduction! I really mean it. I like your writing style already. I can't wait to read your stories. Also, other than the diaper interest, what other things do you like to do? Look forward to being friends.


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    Indeed, Childish Daze, you provided a super introduction. In it you tell us what we need to know without being overly graphic.

    Clearly there is much more to you than a love of diapers. ADISC is all about support of TB/AB/DL and incontinence. Look around the forum and you will see a vastly wider range of topics than on other diaper websites. Of course here we have adults as well as valuable younger members, so it is kind to keep this in mind when posting. ADISC is also about having fun. Enjoy!

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    Thank you for the warm reception.

    As to your question MyWorld.

    I am a Avionics Technician with a large Helocopter firm. Can't officialy say the name but it rhyms sell, fell, (occasionaly hell). I'm sure you can guess.

    I graduated from college with a Major in science, specific to Biology with a speciality in theroretical Microbiology. Then I got drunk, just kidding, thanks to the economy I can't find to much in my field so I used my minor in electronics to go work on Helos.

    I love science and Tesla is my favorite. I build Tesla coils and Co2 lasers in my spare time. I also do other fine nerd things like play with Bacteria strands and make them change colors.

    Out of deference to our younger crowd I won't go into the more personal aspects of my DL lifestyle other than to say I am a TOP/Daddy for a non romanticly involved young woman and I am a DL as stated above. Aside from that....... I will only talk about it when asked directly, thats fair I think.

    As for a measure of normalness, I am rehabing a 1978 Jeep J-10 and I love music and skittles.

    ahh why do I feel like I just wrote a perosnal add....LOL

    angelabauer, Thanks you for the heads up, i did read a bit before posting and but it is such a fine breath of air to have a place were vulgarity and the and constant call for people to have diaper hook-ups, is discouraged.

    Gonna post a story, please LET me know asap if it is wrong for this site and I will kill it.

    Yours as always
    -Childish Daze

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    Hey. Welcome neighbor. Welcome to the site, from one hillbilly to another.

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    Thanks for the welcome Dominating Mommy.

    By your name I gather we have similar duties in life.

    I am glad to have a fellow VOL around too.

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    Microbiology you say? Hmmmm.... I'm doing either microbiology or biomedical science then a post grad in medicine. Anyway - welcome to the site.

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    Hi Ajsco

    I love Micro. My last project was an attempt to rectructure
    Helicobacter pylori so it could help to disolve fat cells in the mobidly obese. It failed, never got em to change their natural acidophile needs to exsist in a calmer climate such as a fatty structure. Nore could we get them to consume enough fat to extract the "fuel" they need to survive.

    But thats the nature of research

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    Hello and welcome ChildishDaze. Nice to some one with an interesting set of hobbies and a new personality to add to the boards.

    It's not only fun to read it but I guess to actually try and recreate systems and machines in you garage/shed can be fun. With your CO2 laser, how did you know it worked? If my knowledge serves my correctly, it will be Infra-red, so you can't exactly see it, and at the same time not be powerful (or at least I hope not!) to burn anything or blind anyone instantly.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ChildishDaze View Post
    Thanks for the welcome Dominating Mommy.

    By your name I gather we have similar duties in life.

    I am glad to have a fellow VOL around too.

    Did you catch the game? 63-7! WTF! New coach is looking good too.

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