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Thread: What features would you like to see implemented, at least as options, in AB/DL diapers?

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    Default What features would you like to see implemented, at least as options, in AB/DL diapers?

    AB/DL diapers being Bambino, etc. What kinds of things would you like to see offered that are not currently present in like diapers? Personally, I would like to see stretchy sides and more babyish tapes. What would you like to see in these diapers?

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    I want them to be way the heck thicker, that's about all I can think of right now. I don't think they'll be getting any thicker anytime soon. In fact, most will probably find more ways to get thinner.

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    Improvement on graphics. Have something more baby like then just having them say baby all over the front.

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    id like to see one very large tape on each side. i actually found some wide packing tape that looks perfect and holds wonderfully, but ones that came that way would be awesome

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    Single-tape would be great, but I don't know how that could be feasible.

    I'd like to see a sturdier plastic backing -- the ones I've used tended to stretch and then not return to their original smoothness.

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    ooh ooh yeah thats true too like plastic this thick
    -> <-
    -> <-
    -> <-
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    I don't see why single tape wouldn't work if it were really big tapes. Like packing tape as swaddledsubbie said.

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    I may get shunned for saying this, but I like the cloth style backing, and I definitely want more contemporary baby designs. I am also all for single tapes. Perhaps a small amount of powder already loaded inside of the diaper as well.

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    I would like to see maybe a cloth covered option (to resemble the new disposables being marketed) and more choice of tapes. Oh, and international shipping!!

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    Well apparently ABUniverse has heard your requests and redesigned their diaper WITH ONE TAPE ON EACH SIDE!!! WOW!

    Don't get too excited though, I tried their orginal "Super Dry Kids" diaper and it was a glorified Depends with no wettness indicator and teddy bear prints.

    However, according to their site, they've redesigned them with added thickness and an optional baby fresh scent. Personally I think they are going to get into trouble for using those pics on their website though...I think most of us have seen those pics flying around the net for years.

    Here's the link: ABU Super Dry Kids Diapers @ - The Worlds Best AB/DL Superstore


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