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Thread: For males: 'Up' or 'down' in diapers?

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    Default For males: 'Up' or 'down' in diapers?

    I usually do 'down', because of two reasons: comfort, and so that it will absorb. How about you?

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    Down if I want to pee. I usually end up re-arranging things for masturbating.

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    Down. Otherwise if I get an *ahem*, there's a risk of it peeking out of the diaper.

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    Down? you guys must be masochists. How do you risk going to up up from down position? Just thinking about it makes me hurt.

    Always up no matter what you wear... Cause if you're up up you're not gonna be wetting.

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    Needs to be up, I can't even pee if it were pointing down.

    Quote Originally Posted by Dreamaker View Post
    Down. Otherwise if I get an *ahem*, there's a risk of it peeking out of the diaper.
    Someone's swinging some hammer o.o ...

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