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Thread: Yay! My first babyfur commission!

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    Default Yay! My first babyfur commission!

    I just got my first babyfur art commission, and I'm super happy with it

    Art by the talented StrawberryNeko (Furaffinity profile). Go commission her!

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    Heh, adorable pic!

    I had a sketch done by her a few days ago as well. :3

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    I remember faving that on FA. S'cute :3

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    Awwwwww, it's so cuuuute!
    Ahem, *think manly thoughts, think manly thoughts, think manly th-* but it's soooo cute!
    Seriously, though, that's awesome.

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    Awwwh X3

    Very nice... You picked a good artist to do your first commission

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    I'm usually a huge critic of artists, I can't help it, but I just love this one. The style, praportion, shading, all of it is great. A definate score.

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    Very cute! One of my friends just received a sketch from Strawberry Neko, actually. Great artist!

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    Yeah I'd definately reccomend her. Very fast too! With some artists on FA you can wait weeks before they get around to you I believe, but this was done within two days!

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